Girls Bowling dominates 2023 season

Olivia Hughes, Sports Editor

Neshaminy High School’s Girls Bowling team won their first PA State Championship during the 2022 season last year and when this season started to approach, they knew they weren’t going to let off the gas.
When discussing the expectations of the season, senior team member, Liza Rosenwald, stated the team was ready to, “win every tournament we go into.”
So far, they are doing just that. The Girls Bowling team is currently undefeated, winning 32 times this season, averaging 953 points per game.
Their strategy for the season was, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” They haven’t change much about their approach this season in order to continue their winning streak.
“We are practicing the same lineup – nothing’s changed,” Rosenwald explained.
With the postseason coming up, each win is important. As the season continues, the team reminds themselves to relax and enjoy the moment.
“We just bowl the bowl just to have fun,” Rosenwald remarked.