Holiday cheer for all to hear (and watch)


It’s finally the time where everyone can sit by the fireplace and watch holiday movies. There are, of course, the holiday classics that we all rewatch every year, as well as new ones that have just recently come out. 

Starting off with the classics, we have How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It’s a movie that’s been redone time and time again, but the original will always have our hearts. It’s an inspiring and adorable story with a sprinkling of comedy to keep the audience laughing.

Another holiday comedy movie everyone knows and loves is Elf. It’s a story about believing and the magic of the season that will leave the audience “awww”-ing between laughs. 

The last of the classics on this list is Home Alone. It’s another movie that’s been redone, and more and more movies are added to the franchise every year. But nothing can beat the original. It’s an unbelievable and hilarious movie that never gets old. 

Even though we all love the movies that we watch over and over again, sometimes not even during the holiday season, we can’t forget about the new ones that just came out. 

One of them was Love Hard, a movie starring Nina Dobrev about finding the unlikeliest of soulmates and families. Another is Single All The Way, an LGBTQ+ movie that’s not about coming out, like all of the other ones are, but about finding who you’re truly meant to be with. There was also The Princess Switch 3, the third of the series with Vanessa Hudgens about twins and their cousin who all look freakishly alike (although we can all agree that the first one was the best).

There are, of course, other amazing holiday movies that everyone should watch, but these are just the classics and the best of the new ones. The elves, Santa, and everyone else wish you all happy holidays and new year.