A dynamic musical masterpiece

My Favorite Blue Jeans by DE’WAYNE


Lindsay Binder, Editor-in-Chief

Rockstar De’wayne Jackson, also known as DE’WAYNE, from Houston, Texas, recently released his second album, “My Favorite Blue Jeans”, in October, following his first studio Long Play (LP), “Stains”, less than a year and a half prior.
With lead singles, “DIE OUT HERE” (featuring Poor Stacy), “GOOD MOOD” (featuring Grandson), “TAKE THIS CROWN” (featuring Good Charlotte), and “SIMPLE” (featuring I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME), it is safe to say that this album mostly addresses the themes of overcoming and making something out of yourself, despite hardships.
However, what fans were not expecting was the heartfelt and sentimental lyrics about the singer’s girlfriend Willow Smith, rising pop star and daughter of Will Smith.
Songs such as “BLUE JEAN BABE”, “REIGN’S SONG”, and “37 MINUTES” detail the dynamic between the duo, leaving listeners wishing they would experience a love like that in their lifetime. Lyrics such as, “We discussed things they wouldn’t understand,” from “37 MINUTES” detail their level of understanding of each other that can’t be felt with others.
For one of the first times, DE’WAYNE also tells listeners of his insecurities as an up-and-coming musician and navigating his new relationships with the people around him. “DECLINED” tells of the relatable experience that comes when you can’t afford to treat the ones you love to nice things despite the hard work you do every day. The song is followed by “LONELY HOUSE” which details how special it feels to be in a relationship with someone you appreciate so much, but also how scary it is, fearful that they’ll leave you for another.