The pug that stormed the world


Art credits to K. Booker

Have you ever been in class one day, and nothing seems to be going your way? You did badly on your math test, your friends are mad at you, and some random person barked at you in the hallway for no apparent reason. You’re ready to call it quits and go home when your friend gives you the answer to all your problems: “Don’t worry, it’s just a no-bones day!” But what exactly does that mean?
The answer is the bones horoscope brought to us by Noodle the pug and his owner Jonathan Graz.
This 13-year-old pug is sweeping the internet with his ever-changing bones. Believe it or not, his bones can predict how your day will go and the internet is obsessed.
Here’s how it goes: Graz wakes up the lazy pug each day and welcomes back his TikTok followers to another round of the famous game: Bones or No Bones.
In this game, Graz picks up his adorable pug and hovers him above his bed for a few seconds. He lets go of the adorable pug who will either flop down immediately or sit peacefully.
The outcome of this one TikTok has huge repercussions for hundreds of thousands of eager viewers. From this, we can determine how the day will be: If Noodle droops down immediately, then it is a no-bones day. If he lightly plops down and stays standing, then it’s time to celebrate, as it’s a bones day!
A “bones” day means that the day will go well. It is marked by bursts of energy and positive thinking. It is a good day to complete tasks, travel, and try new things. Go explore the world, take in all the sights, and do crazy things!
On the other hand, a no-bones day should be taken as a day full of self-care. These days should be used as a time to do activities that you enjoy and relax, such as taking a bath or finally watching that show everyone’s been talking about. Wait another day before asking your teacher for that extension or just do it.
Noodle and Graz have taken social media by storm. Starting on Graz’s Instagram on January 14, 2016, the duo took TikTok by storm beginning on September 9, 2020. This was the first appearance of the ‘Bones or No Bones’ game.
Since then they have taken over the internet, appearing in several news articles and even on The Today Show on October 20, 2021.
So when you have that big test, just open Tik Tok and hope for a bones day!