Favorite music finds

Neshaminy students share their most cherished artists

Kaelyn Blizard, Staff Writer

Music has been a form of entertainment for centuries and it continues to evolve with time. Artists like Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny, and Drake, who have shaped their respective genres, have become staples in pop culture and the music industry.
At Neshaminy High School, music has come to mean different things to different people. High school marks a time for change, growth, and adaptation, and with that comes new and diverse tastes.
NHS junior Emma Silk mainly enjoys pop and country music, her favorite artist being Alec Benjamin.
“I am a huge fan [of Alec Benjamin] and even got to see him twice in concert within the past year and a half,” Silk said. “I really enjoy all of his albums, but I [would] probably listen to his second album, ‘Narrated For You.’”
For Silk, the most appealing aspect of Benjamin’s music is the way the songs differ from one another.
“I really like how all of his songs have a different vibe,” she remarked. “I feel like most artists’ songs when compared to their other songs all end up sounding very similar, but all of his songs have a distinctive sound.”
Silk finds music an escape from and a way to add some extra fun to mundane tasks.
“I most often listen to music when I’m cleaning my room, doing my homework, or just need a way to get out of my head for a few minutes,” she explained.
While Silk may listen to other music, she will always go back to her favorite. “I would most recommend others to listen to Alec Benjamin because, personally, I really enjoy listening to his songs,” she stated. “They always have very pretty and catchy lyrics that are easy to remember. His songs are generally very easy to connect with, which I find makes listening more enjoyable.”
Another NHS student who wishes to remain anonymous prefers artists like Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey, Nicki Minaj, and The Weeknd, their music taste being more eclectic.
“[My music taste is] a combination of things,” they explained. “Sometimes, it’s a fun song; other times I feel the music in my soul.”
They find certain music compelling based on the relatability of it.
“I am drawn to certain artists because I feel like I can relate to them or their music,” they said.
For them, music is and will always be a part of their daily life.
“My AirPods are attached to my ears,” they stated. “I listen to music all day everyday.”
Not only is music a constant part of their day, but also a significant factor in their overall health, acting as a form of encouragement.
“Music is definitely a big motivator in my life,” they explained. “It helps with my mental health as well… Other times, music just speaks to my soul.”
No matter the type of music, finding what makes listeners happy is always a desired outcome.
According to Harvard Health, people who listen to music more often have reduced levels of depression and anxiety from those who listen less, further supporting the importance of a well-constructed playlist.
“There’s a song for every emotion,” popstar Harry Styles says. “Can you imagine a world without music? It would suck.”