Gym Night”: Excitement and fears

Gym Night: Excitement and fears

Julia Barth

With Gym Night quickly approaching, many begin to feel the excitement with the startup of practices and preparations. Neshaminy’s biggest and most beloved event is right around the corner, and the people who make it happen are just as excited as the participants.

Captains, advisors, and faculty members have been planning for the revival of the Neshaminy tradition since before the captains were even chosen in November. Numerous teachers, administrators, and janitorial staff dedicate hours upon hours for the one-of-a-kind event. This includes scheduling, gym preparation, safety guidelines, sponsorships, and other meticulous planning for the anticipated weekend.

Being voted a gym night captain is a big honor and responsibility. These individuals go on to describe it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and learning experience. Countless time goes into choreographing the dances, crafting the mural, and working with fellow captains to prepare their teams.

Given the immense time spent working together with their fellow leaders, the captains build lifelong friendships.

Color Captain Pat Courtney said, “While preparing for Gym Night, you think the captains are becoming just close friends, but by the time Gym Night is over, you look back on all the memories and realize that we become a family.”

Not only do the captains grow into a family, they build a sense of teamwork and pride in each other seeing everything come together. Watching dances come together after hours perfecting each part is truly a joy. The combined effort from all grades captains not only puts on a miraculous weekend but also forms a mini family within.

Of course with the responsibility of such a big event, stress is a factor. It is difficult to maintain the attention of hundreds of kids, let alone teach them a dance. The captains are sometimes left frustrated when things aren’t working the way intended. Advisors do play a role in helping control practices and stepping in when needed which is greatly appreciated by the captains.

As the thought of Gym Night becomes a reality, many fear the common enemy nowadays, COVID-19. With no real sense of normalcy since the beginning of COVID, students, faculty, and participants involved in Gym Night hope for the first normal school-wide event back at Neshaminy.

Many in the community have voiced their concerns about the dangers of Gym Night with the high number of participants and rapid contagiousness of the Omicron COVID-19 variant that is plaguing society right now.

However, Neshaminy High School prioritizes the safety of the participants, advisors, and everyone involved. It has been made very clear that at any given moment, the Gym Night we know may be changed to adapt to the current situation concerning COVID-19.

Captains, advisors, administrators, teachers, and everyone in the Neshaminy community urges students to get as involved as they can in Gym Night. It truly is the best weekend of the year, and the more you get involved, the more fun it is. So, try out for those relays, order the Gym Night gear, and plan to give it your all on March 4-5!