Club of the Issue: Photography

Kaylee Higgins, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Our February edition’s ‘Club of the Issue’ is the Photography Club, where Neshaminy High School students with an interest in photography explore the art of taking photos and capturing moments from behind the camera.
At Photography Club meetings, president Monica Davis and vice president Sarah Knight put members of the club up to different challenges and/or games to build their skills.
“[We], usually make up some sort of challenge for the club to do,” Knight remarked. “For example, one time we gave each group a prop or assigned a color to take photos of in creative ways.”
Among these activities, members are permitted use of the darkroom to process film.
“If you have film that you want to develop, the darkroom is set up just for that,” Davis explained.
The club has existed for 15 years, with Terry O’Neill first becoming advisor in 2007. With O’Neill’s help, the club has been shaped into what it is today and still continues to grow.
If you are wishing you chose a photography elective, want to strengthen your ability to take photos, or are just looking to try something new, Photography Club is for you! Meetings are held on the first and third Thursday of every month.
“This club is the perfect outlet to practice your passion for taking photos and making it fun,” Davis stated. “We’re always taking suggestions on what to do next to make the club even better so we’d love more people to come and join us!”