Athlete of the Issue: Greg DeLuca


Photo/ Nina Taranenko

Greg DeLuca, a junior, has been playing golf his entire life and holds the highest record on the Neshaminy golf team.

With a total of seven wins and five losses, the Neshaminy golf team is third in its national league. Within this group of talented players lies junior Greg DeLuca, who holds the number one rank on the team and maintains a nine-hole stroke average of 39-62.

“I love how much golf relates to life and how many things you learn from it when you’re playing,” DeLuca said. DeLuca has been playing non-club golf his entire life and Neshaminy golf since his freshman year. Along with playing golf, he manages to fit basketball and schoolwork into his busy schedule.

“Greg has a great mindset for the game. He has the ability to think his way around the golf course and can mentally ‘move on’ when he has a bad hole. Greg is focused and diligent in his preparation and truly has an appreciation and a passion for the game,” head coach Dave Martys said.

“Greg takes it upon himself to enter off season tournaments which enables him to perform at a high level during the high school golf season,” Martys said. “Playing with other very good players is a great way to elevate your game and prepare for the mental/emotional aspect of the game.”