Neshaminy Student Reaches a Path to Fame

Maggie Aldrich, Managing Editor

From picking up a guitar at age 14, to performing live across the country at age 18, Neshaminy senior Catie Turner has made a long way on American Idol. Turner was just recently eliminated after competing her way up to a top seven spot.

“You can change a lot in three months,” she told LevittownNow.

Prior to season 16 of American Idol, Turner released an album titled Teen Angst in 2015 followed by posting a series of original songs and covers on her YouTube channel in 2016, that of which has acquired over 90,000 subscribers.

“She is who she is and all and she didn’t really give a s*** if anyone liked her or not,” Neshaminy choir teacher Donna Burmylo-Magrann said. “Like she’s just genuine and she just doesn’t care who thinks it’s right or wrong. It’s just who she is, so I think that’s what made her stand out.”

  1. Along with balancing school and the select choir, Turner worked to meet her graduation requirements through the Bucks County Community College dual enrollment program in the early months of school in order to audition.

“I expected her to go very far, because she has a gorgeous and unique voice that leaves people in awe, so it was no surprise that she continued as far as she did as she improved and gained more confidence throughout the show,” fellow choir student Kelsey Brutas said.

Despite leaving her long run, Turner still carries a long future with music. Starting the very first American Idol Tour in summer 2018, she will be performing across the country with all top seven contestants. Judge Katy Perry also mentioned on the show how she would like to collaborate with Turner after the competition.

“Thank you for sticking by me. You are watching me grow up on television. Even if I don’t deliver a strong vocal performance, the community has supported me and that means a lot.” she released in an interview with Bucks County Courier Times.