Back-to-school survival tips


Brynn MacDougall

Neshaminy students have five minutes in between classes to navigate the halls.

It’s the first marking period, and new students need to find a way to survive. Sure, the first few nights can be stressful, but after following a few back-to-school tips, it will be easy to get back into the swing of endless school days.


Never procrastinate. It seems obvious, but procrastinating is a very common problem and a surefire way to fall behind in school. Especially on weekends, never procrastinate. Weekends should not be one long break. Use some of the weekend to complete homework and study for any upcoming tests and quizzes.

Remember to make friends. It is the beginning of the school year and there are bound to be new people to meet. If possible, make an older friend. It may sound cliché, but having an older friend can serve as a mentor and study buddy.

To make friends, try joining some clubs or sports. It never hurts and looks good on college applications. Clubs are a great way to meet people with similar interests and expand friend groups.

While this is not a definitive guide to surviving high school, it’s a place to start.