Burnin’ love on the ice

Where are these two iconic Canadian figure skaters now?


Julianna Musser

Canadian figure skaters Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue have recently been very prominent in the public eye due to the palpable chemistry they shared on the ice. Back in the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games in 2018, the pair won the gold for their performance of Moulin Rouge which the audience found breathtaking. 

This dance in particular has found its way into the media, making them very popular on TikTok and other social apps stemming from the fans’ undying love for them.

The two very talented skaters were partners for over 20 years, but have since retired and gone separate ways. They made a heartwarming video announcing their retirement back in 2019.

“It just feels for us like it’s the right time to say goodbye while we’re still loving and enjoying the sport as much as we always have,” Moir said in the video.

However, their adoring fans still have an abundance of love and hope for the two’s “relationship”. 

Due to how close the pair was and how well they worked together, many people suspected that they were either dating or secretly wanted to be a couple. They have since made it very clear that they are just friends and are both in happy relationships, but not everyone chooses to believe their statements.  

“Scott has sung to her during every performance they have had. I will never recover from their retirement,” a TikTok user stated.

“The fact that they are not madly in love kills, pains, and bamboozles me. I could never experience this level of intimacy and not get attached,” another TikTok user commented. 

With many clips and edits of the two skaters popping up on the famous app, new and old fans are growing more and more invested in how the two are living now.

Unfortunately too many peoples surprise, the two seem not to appear together as often as they have in the years past.

 Currently, Virtue is living in Toronto with her boyfriend, hockey player Morgan Rielly, and their dog Zoe.

 Similarly, Scott is engaged to his ex-figure skating partner, Jackie Mascarin. The two were planning to get married in 2020 but had to postpone the wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently, the two have gotten the chance to become special analysts for the Beijing 2022 Olympic Ice Dance Competition. 

Virtue shared her enthusiasm for this exciting new chapter with her old partner and friend on her Instagram on February 7, 2022.

“Can’t wait to be part of the @cbcolympics broadcast for ice dance this weekend with the one and only, @scottmoir14,” Virtue posted online. 

While Moir doesn’t use social media as often as Virtue, the two still show their love and appreciation for each other by having the other’s username in their Instagram bios.

After sharing many memorable experiences on and off of the ice, their love for the sport had provided both of them with years of an enjoyable and successful career. 

Although hope for a relationship between the two has come to an end, the two still share a close bond and their legacy will live on in the fans and in the sport forever.