It’s the decades baby

The famous phrase “history repeats itself” isn’t only about wars and what not to do.  Trends from past years seem to be making a comeback through fashion and movies, pulling inspirations and taking a modern spin on it. Key decades that are making a comeback are the 70s, 80s and 90s.

The 70s made a major comeback with the wrap dress.

Modern day wrap dress inspired by classic 70s pieces.
Modern day wrap dress inspired by classic 70s pieces.

It is claimed that Diane von Furstenberg invented the iconic wrap dress in 1972.  The wrap dress can be worn in multiple different ways: as a dress itself, a cover up, or over another outfit. “It’s like a robe, but pretty,” said sophomore Emily Buttry.

Wrap dresses aren’t the only fashion piece from the 70s that made a comeback. The embroidered cape, a light cover up often with fringe at the bottom and end of the sleeves, in gaining popularity. The cape goes great over a tank top and can retail up to over a thousand dollars.

The 80s are also making a comeback with their fashion and movies. Bright, mirrored, reflective sunglasses used to represent the future. Recently, they’ve come back and are more than just a trend; they are preferred style.

When most of the 80s popular films hit their 30th anniversary, they came back into theatre for a brief period of time. “The Breakfast Club” celebrated its 30th anniversary back in March. credits “The Breakfast Club” for soaking up and spitting out the trends and the vibe of the 80s.

The originaly designed dress from 1993

The 90s are back and better than ever. The dress is from 1993 and matches a dress manufactured by American Eagle Outfitters in 2014. Despite the fact that theses dresses were made 21 years apart, they’re almost identical.

Both dresses are navy blue with faux buttons down the front and spaghetti straps. It’s a classic combination that looks good no matter what decade you wear it.

Body suits are another 90s fashion piece making a statement. According to, “we’re lucky to have the bodysuit back because it was too great to be left in the past.”  Most people believe body suits are making a comeback due to the tight fit.

Before, they were a hard plastic, but now they’re made of silk, leather, velvet and many more materials

Chokers are probably the biggest comeback accessory of the 90s. They started to regain popularity when Kylie Jenner was seen wearing one in a snapchat. Chokers are most popular at music festivals, such as Coachella, and have redeveloped their brand. Before, they were a hard plastic, but now they’re made of silk, leather, velvet and many more materials.

These decades may be in the past, but they have a fashion style that’ll never go away.