Inside scoop on new district food policy

By Jessica McClleland
Student Life Editor

Since the 2014-2015 school years have started, the lunches have gone down-hill. Diet drinks, no snacks, and whole grain chicken nuggets. Joanne Saba, chef at Neshaminy, decided to give us her insight on the situation.

Q: How long have you been working at Neshaminy? As a lunch aid?
A: I’ve worked at Neshaminy for 19 years. I’ve been the chef for eight.

Q: Who made the decision to switch to a new lunch menu?
A: The Federal Government. The school had no say in what happens.

Q: Why did they choose to serve only diet and whole grain options and get rid of the old options completely?
A: From I was told, this year, they’re going to be putting in new regulations, and this year the regulation was no sugar. I asked about artificial sweeteners and they said they would be put into effect next year. The only thing we know about what is going on is with the drinks. The whole grain was from last year, but this year everything has to be whole grain.

Q: Where does the food come from? Who is the main distributor of the food?
A: We have several distributors. US Foods, Visor, and there’s a few other little distributors. We can go to our suppliers and tell them what we want but it has to have all of the government requirements.

Q: How do you personally feel about the idea of the new school lunch?
A: I think trying to teach kids how to eat healthier is a good idea but they could have gone about it a different way. I think high school kids should know how to eat by now. It should be in the elementary schools, it’s a good thing. But they didn’t give anyone a say in anything.

Q: What would you change about the meal plans for the students?
A: I would try to put it back to some of the old things. I don’t think chicken nuggets should be whole grain. There are no snacks at all and I think they should change that. Wawa should try to cut down on sugar, instead of just having diet.

Q: Any other comments?
A: I just try to do the best I can. It’s not the school’s fault; The government over steps us. If we told them that we didn’t want their money, then we could do what we want, but that obviously can’t happen.