PHRC Rules on Neshaminy Mascot

Sophie Laurence, Editor-in-Chief

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission has determined that Neshaminy High School can keep the term “R*******” as their school mascot, but they have to abide by several stipulations in order to do so.

First, Neshaminy has to do away with all images and logos that negatively stereotype Native Americans

However, they can continue to use the name “S****” and “R*******.”

Neshaminy must also come up with a plan on how to educate their students on the Neshaminy Indian tribes, as well as other Native Americans.

PHRC Commissioners agreed that Neshaminy could keep the mascot name because Native American students weren’t hurt by the name. Neshaminy’s School board has yet to agree to the ruling, or make any comment on it.

The Playwickian will continue to not use the term until Neshaminy School District agrees and abides by the stipulations set by the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.