Trump unlikely to be impeached

Regina Thomas, Arts and Entertainment Editor

With current net approval ratings less than Clinton, Nixon, Johnson, Reagan, and Obama at this point in their presidencies, according to Vox, the question of impeachment is undoubtedly lurking in the back of everyone’s minds.

Back in July, historian Allan Lichtman, famous for correctly predicting the outcomes for every presidential race since 1984, said in an interview with British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), “…so I wouldn’t say that impeachment is right around the corner, but I do think it’s going to come, and when it will come will be when Republicans come to realize that this president is a liability to their political survival.”

Lichtman went further into detail of Trump’s inevitable impeachment in his book titled “The Case for Impeachment”. He writes, “Trump has broken all the usual rules of politics and governing… Trump’s penchant for lying, disregard for the law, and conflicts of interests are lifelong habits that will permeate his entire presidency… His disdain for constitutional restraints could lead to abuses of power that forfeit the trust of even a Republican Congress.”

Another notable person voicing his opinions on this topic is billionaire and activist Tom Steyer. Steyer is spending millions of dollars for impeachment ads and his Need to Impeach campaign. This campaign is steadily growing in popularity with over 5 million current supporters, according to its website, and boldly states, “Donald Trump has brought us to the brink of nuclear war, obstructed justice, and taken money from foreign governments. We need to impeach this dangerous president. Sign on now.”

However, the majority of Congress has not been as eager about impeachment. When Democratic representative Al Green introduced a House resolution in Dec. 2017 to impeach Trump, only 58 of the total 193 Democrats in the House voted in support of it. Also, Bernie Sanders expressed his concerns to NBC News of people “jumping the gun” when it came to impeachment. Former Democratic Senate leader, Harry Reid, also told NBC news, “the less we talk about impeachment, the better off we are”.

With Congress members avoiding the question and Trump being recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, impeachment seems unlikely to happen anytime soon.