Weed about it: How dealers and users see legalization

Weed about it: How dealers and users see legalization

Grace Marion, Editor-in-Chief

All names in this story have been changed for anonymity.

As the idea of legalizing recreational marijuana makes its way closer to Pennsylvania, following the legalization of medical marijuana, Neshaminy marijuana users and dealers discuss how it might affect them.

“People my age won’t be able to buy weed legally until they’re 18 anyways, so legalization doesn’t affect me until then,” said Neshaminy Junior and drug dealer, Clark, in an interview with the Playwickian.

“I want legalization because [criminalization] harms innocent people, both inside the United States and out,” he continued. Clark started selling marijuana because he “… wanted more money. [He] had easy access to cheap weed, so [he] could flip it for cheaper than most and make a quick profit.”

51% of Neshaminy students surveyed by the Playwickian spend no money on marijuana on a monthly basis, while 23% say they spend between $1 and $40 each month. About 3% of respondents say they spend more than $800 each month on marijuana products. Although these ranges were different for the Playwickian 1976 survey, the majority of students remained in the $0 category in that period as well.

All questions between the 1976 and 2018 surveys are identical, save a few substitutions of outdated terminology.

Clark sees his job as stressful. “You have to worry about cops, people who will rob you, fake money, and parents,” he said.

Some other Neshaminy students who use marijuana also don’t seem to see a downside to legalization.

“Marijuana is a natural plant that is proven to have tons of medical benefits, [and] the production isn’t nearly as expensive as most prescription drugs,” said Neshaminy Senior, Ronald. “Americans love weed, they always have,” he continued, going onto explain how much tax revenue he believes legalization would bring into circulation.

“It doesn’t hurt anybody and  it brings in tax revenue so I think it’s great,” said another Neshaminy Senior, Janet.

78% of Neshaminy students surveyed by the Playwickian say that they use marijuana products because they enjoy it, as compared to 86% in 1976. 10% said they do so because their friends do it, 8% because it’s an escape, and about 4% because they need it for some reason or another.