CSPA awards Playwickian editors for editorial leadership


Playwickian Editors were awarded the Edmund J. Sullivan Award by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.
The editors were awarded specifically for the editorial leadership they exhibited in instituting a ban on the name of their mascot, which they consider to be a racial slur, and the ensuing controversy.

The Playwickian editors were honored side-by-side at Columbia University with editors from the Foothill Dragon Press, a Californian student publication which started a crowdsourcing fund for the Playwickian. These proceeds were supposed to negate the financial losses The Playwickian sustained due to disciplinary sanctions.

The Foothill Dragon Press rose over $6,000, far surpassing their original goal of $2400.

Foothill editors and Playwickian editors met in-person for the first time on Thursday, March 19 to co-teach a seminar on their experiences. Playwickian editors taught a class on their experiences alone the next day, before both staffs received the award at the culmination of the CSPA Spring Conference.