New Principal Mr Staub

Sophie Laurence, Campus Life

Although Aug 31 was one of the most dreaded days of this year for most Neshaminy Students, it also proved to be an important day for our administration.

Dr. McGee announced last year that he would be stepping down as principal of Neshaminy High School in order to take on a new role as Director of Secondary Education, leaving  both students and staff feeling a little uneasy about the change of leadership.

Fortunately, we have no reason to be. Ryan Staub stepped in from Pennsbury High School as an assistant principal and stepped up to fulfill the role of head principal  Neshaminy.

Donna Nicholson, a health and P.E. teacher at Pennsbury, described Staub as well respected, friendly, and consistent.

“He’s just good people,” she stressed over and over again. “Good man, good people.”

In a few interviews, some Neshaminy teachers described their initial fear of possible changes that could be made to Neshaminy, but when asked about his future plans for the school, Staub replied, “I don’t plan on changing anything until I understand it. I’m still learning a lot about Neshaminy, and I’m not going to make changes [just] to make change.”

“We have a great staff here, they all really care, and they have been very welcoming and have made my transition here pretty smooth,” he went on to say about our dedicated Neshaminy teachers. “You guys are very lucky.”

Staub has been thrown into most of his teaching and administrative roles, but he thinks that, “That has made [him] well rounded and most qualified to take this role.”

“I’m going to take my experience and make it fit to the Neshaminy way because it’s such an awesome school and I’m going to make sure that all of those traditions and the culture that’s been built here will be continued.”

Staub is very impressed with how accepting and welcoming the students and staff have been so far, and he is excited to build a trust and respect with everyone at Neshaminy. So, if you were worried about this change, there’s no need to be.Neshaminy High School is in good hands with Staub.