Prom queen and king a popularity contest… or timeless tradition?

Prom at most times is the final event for the class to come together and socialize before the end of the school year. For seniors, it is the beginning of the end, signifying one of the last memories of high school.
Prom has changed quite a bit over the years; more bravado, more glamour, and above anything, more expensive. An article from the Denver Post reported that “American families with teenagers say they plan to spend an average of $1,078 on prom clothes, transportation, food, tickets and incidentals.”
With all the glamour, hype, and craziness that goes into prom, should there be an election for a Prom King and Queen? Although many people would say that a Prom King and Queen is a traditional part of prom, it is really stupid and unnecessary.
What is the purpose of a Prom King and Queen? Is it one boy and girl who represent their graduating class the best? Or is it one boy and girl who are the best looking or most popular out of everyone in the class? Prom should be about celebration, not competition.
According to, there are “duties” or qualifications to becoming a Prom King or Queen. A King is charismatic, charming, and “exemplifies what it means to be cool.” A Queen is well-rounded, outgoing and can talk to anyone.
The sad thing is many American teens go to drastic measures in order to become their school’s King or Queen. ABC News reported last week that a mother from Texas went as far as to put up billboard along a highway as part of a publicity campaign for her daughter to become Prom Queen. The mother didn’t stop there, she went on to make fliers, newspaper advertisements, and even got sponsors in order to back up her campaign for Prom Queen.
The madness that goes into these campaigns is absolutely insane. Do people honestly believe that by becoming Prom King or Queen they will instantly gain extreme popularity?
Along with these crazy campaigns in order to become Prom King or Queen, some teens turn to bullying and harassment in order to make themselves look better too. A night that is meant for celebration, reflection, and happiness all of a sudden turns into an opportunity for teens to establish themselves as the best dressed, best looking, or most popular person in their class.
Maybe it is the fact that prom Kings and Queens are just a part of “tradition” and that is the cause for all this madness. Or maybe it is the media’s portrayal of prom in TV shows like MTV’s Made, or movies like Mean Girls and She’s All That mislead what the meaning of prom really is.
Some people say that elections for a Prom King and Queen are the same as Homecoming King and Queen Elections. If schools took the Homecoming King and Queen out of Homecoming, then there would be no purpose for a Homecoming event.
However, if schools were to take Prom Kings and Queens out of prom, then nothing would change at all because the purpose of prom has no relation to an election of a Prom King and Queen except for the fact that it is linked through “tradition.”A night that is supposed to be meant for celebration and remembrance should not be spoiled by a silly little popularity competition. Some traditions need to be broken, and the removal of an election of a Prom King and Queen should be one of them. It is stupid, unnecessary, and overshadows the real meaning of what prom really is about.

By Lexi Rotunno
Literary Editor
It’s that time again- prom season. The highlight of every student’s high school career. Where hundreds of dollars are spent on one night; the one night everyone will remember forever.
Added onto the dresses, limos, tuxedo’s, hair, nails and all the other chaos that goes with prom, should there be an election for Prom King and Queen?
The crowning of the Prom Queen and Prom King is usually the high point of every High School Prom. Although some people may say it’s overrated and unnecessary, it’s a huge part in most High School proms.
What’s the purpose of Prom King and Queen? It’s people who represent our class at best, not at worst. It’s not a huge competition; it’s something that can be potentially very amusing and exciting.
People may say it’s just a popularity contest, but in reality it doesn’t have to be. The purpose of having a King and Queen? So the students’ vote for who they think deserves the title. Whoever the winner may be could be “popular” but that’s who got voted for by the majority of the student body. “I think having a Prom King and Queen is something huge for whoever wins it, and it will make them remember that special night for the rest of their lives”, said Darius Pleasant, Senior at Neshaminy High School.
There are some who go to extreme measures and make a Prom King and Queen a huge unnecessary competition instead of something enjoyable. The people who actually do a campaign to be King or Queen, are the people who take it way too far and ruin the purpose. It shouldn’t be taken to that extreme of a measure.
On television, you always see that one episode where they have a prom at their school. Someone always gets crowned King and Queen. It’s something that society knows and recognizes as a special moment at prom. Different movies and shows such as Never Been Kissed show the value and excitement of having a King and Queen. “When I was younger and watched different Disney movies or other television shows, I always wanted to be whoever was crowned queen just because it’s such a special moment and I would love that”, said Megan Romberger, Senior at Neshaminy High School.
Having a Prom King and Queen at most schools is traditional. Some may say that having a Prom King and Queen is different from a Homecoming King and Queen. When really, they’re the same thing. It’s a part of our own Neshaminy High Schools homecoming event to have the King and Queen be crowned, so why not make the same tradition for Prom King and Queen? It would add something extra and would be an awesome touch for everyone at prom.
Along with the fact that this is tradition, people love to dress up and see how everyone looks. It’s exciting for everyone, especially for the girls. It’s something everyone could look forward to for weeks in advance.
Although some may disagree and say that Prom King and Queen is just another tradition that makes students feel bad about themselves, many also view it as something that’s amusing, entertaining and fun. It get’s students involved with their school.
Even though Neshaminy High School doesn’t follow this tradition, having a prom King and Queen isn’t something that should be frowned upon. It’s an opportunity for people to feel good about themselves and for the students to pick who they think deserve it. Some traditions should just stay traditions and not change.