Boys’ varsity basketball moves forward in season

By Reed Hennessy

“Our biggest challenge this year is trying to find the right mix of players to give us our best chance to win,” head coach of the boys’ varsity basketball team Jerry Devine said. Currently the team’s overall record is four wins and five losses, with an in conference record of one win and four losses. The most recent game, an away game against Pennsbury, resulted in a 32 to 65 loss.

Playing in the Suburban One National Conference, one of the more competitive conferences, the difference between their overall and conference record is a testament to the challenges faced by Neshaminy. Not only on the court, but off the court as well, attendance at home games for Neshaminy basketball is comparatively low to other teams in the area.

“We play at other venues and they all have a stellar student body showing,” Devine said.

Challenges faced on the court are mainly finding the right lineup of players, as the team is very similar in their size and ability, to ensure success on the court. With a solid defense, and dedicated group of individuals the year is looking promising, with 13 games left in the season the conference rankings could easily change in the next couple weeks.

One thing is certain, a lack of practice and dedication are certainly no problem for Neshaminy. “It’s a process, when we’re out on the court we just give it all we can and keep working at it,” senior forward Cole Housel said. Neshaminy’s next game will be against Harry S. Truman high school on January ninth, a home conference game that will move the rankings win or lose.