Military club returns to Neshaminy

By Reed Hennessy

Up until the early ‘70s Neshaminy High School had an Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, but it was eventually done away with due to a lack in student interest and changing attitudes about the Army. This resulted in a significant drop in enrollment in the class, dwindling down to the single digits. However, Neshaminy has a new body of students walking its halls, students who have a sense of civic duty, are patriotic, and responsible students who make up the Neshaminy Military Club.

The clubs adviser is Sergeant Keef Turner who works at the Langhorne Army Career Center, and is new to Neshaminy. Originally from Riverside, California which is part of the Greater Los Angeles area, Turner is just settling in at Neshaminy.

“I want to bring a sense purpose to the school and a place for the students to feel comfortable being around each other, a place where the students can feel like they are doing some good for themselves, the school, and the community,” Turner said.

Neshaminy has always had a good relationship with the Army; local recruiters can be found in the cafeteria, halls, and at athletic events. One way Turner hopes to continue this is through the Neshaminy Military Club. The club itself focuses on more than just the Army, focusing on the students themselves, volunteering, patriotism, military history, and students interacting with each other and their community.

While Turner may just be getting settled in, Neshaminy has already made a good impression. “Neshaminy looks like a pretty squared away school the students are nice and always say hi to me in the hallways, the teachers are great too and I hope to meet more of them,” Turner said. The Neshaminy Military Club’s upcoming meeting will be held on Nov. 12, after school, in room F129.