Playwickian editors chosen for Inquirer Workshop

LANGHORNE, Pa. (April 7, 2014)
For Immediate Release

Junior Sports Editor Reed Hennessy and junior Editor in Chief Gillian McGoldrick were chosen for the Philadelphia Inquirer Acel Moore Career Development Workshop. The lifelong goal of the program is to open up journalism careers to Philadelphia-area high school students.

During the month-long, hands-on program, Inquirer staffers taught participants reporting, writing, editing, photograph and other new media skills.

“I had the opportunity meet with real-world reporters and learn how they put together a good story,” Hennessy said. “The experience has opened up the possibility of pursuing journalism as a career.”

At the conclusion of the workshop, the students helped write, edit and produce their own newspaper, First Take, and create a web site,

The theme for 2014 was the Millennials – America’s newest generation. Both Hennessy’s piece “LGBT support spreads” and McGoldrick’s article “For millennial, life after college is not what was expected” are currently available on the Philadelphia Inquirer’s website.

On Saturday April 5, 2014 the Philadelphia Inquirer hosted a recognition ceremony and a $1000 scholarship and two $500 scholarships were awarded.

Over the years, more than 500 local students have used the program to launch successful careers in journalism and in other fields.