Love Lines 2022

Love Lines 2022

Niko Houmas, I hope I put the right homeroom #! -Julia Ponticello


Ashley, Happy Valentine’s Day! Love you tons <3 -Michelle


Christian, Happy Valentine’s Day to the best boyfriend ever! Love you tons <3 -Michelle


Bella Paglaiccetti, -Mom


Devin Palmer, You’re ok sometimes. -Nico Vorkunova


Alyssa Donahue, Happy Valentine’s Day Beautiful <3 -Aaliyah


Deziree Maldonado, Happy Valentine Day my beautiful wife <3 -Aaliyah


Hannah Meyer, Happy Valentine’s Day Gorgeous, I’ll be your BF/GF today <3 -Aaliyah


Haley Kelley, Better than your BF <3 Happy Valentines Day Boo -Aaliyah Chavarria


Owen Webb, you make my days shine brighter <3 -Lyndsay


Halle, I love you girl, thank you for being my friend -Maddy


Nevaeh Taylor, This is why I begged for your class #, Geez. Love you to the moon sexy <3 -Aaliyah


Selin Turkinen, You’re so pretty <3 -Secret


Mia, I love u! Happy Valentines Day <3 XOXOXO -Kayley <3


Liv, Love u so much my love XOXOXOXO -Kayley


Luna Cherrington, Ever since the day I met you, you’ve made me the most happiest I’ve ever been, you are the best -Muhammad

Olivia Giberson, Hey, sexy <3 I love you shawty – why do you need a bf if you have me -Madison Whalen


Liv Phelan, You slay every day. Love you (heart eyes) -Nico


Romeo Angelini, So glad I met you this year! I appreciate you 🙂 -Nico


Lindsay Binder, Have a good day! -Symee


Ameena Mutan, Hey babe, Happy Valentines Day bae. I love you with all my heart <3 -Blu <3


Sara, My love 4 u flies higher than the ender dragon -Ur secret admirer


Sam, You have such a beautiful head *wink wink* -Ur secret admirer


Andrew Johnson, Hi


Nath Hoff, Hi -Michael 🙂


Kiana Rodriguez, My makeup for not getting you a gift last year -Kiana


Maddie, Happy Valentines day!! 🙂 love ya -Oli


Canon, Hey hotty, hit me up -Secret admirer


Ms. Drake’s 1st Period, You’re my favorites! -Ms. Drake


Ms. Drake’s 2nd Period, You’re my favorites! -Ms. Drake


Ms. Drake’s 4th Period, You’re my favorites! -Ms. Drake


Ms. Drake’s 5th Period, You’re my favorites! -Ms. Drake


Ms. Drake’s 7th Period, You’re my favorites! -Ms. Drake


Ms. Drake’s 8th Period Odd, You’re my favorites! -Ms. Drake


Ms. Drake’s 8th Period Even, You’re my favorites! -Ms. Drake

Rose McShane, Idk why I’m friends with you, you’re too emo, I’ll manifest you get better! -Alex


Mr Dicicco, 

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I am in your walls!



Rhys, This is the year of your yassification bestie <3 -Julz


Shawn Dreyer, I have your home address! -Julz


Sofia Jordao, Happy Valentines day! -Rhys


Bryce Bolstridge, Thank you for being there for me. -Brooke Listokin


Lindsay, Happy almost birthday best friend, thank you for everything ily! 🙂 -Sarah


Riya Mathur, Ratio + L + Clown + no one asked -David


Sadie Edwards, Ed Sheeran among us Edward Cullen Freddy Fazbear minion Kevin is coming for you (devil emoji) -Meanyawn Kevin


Mr. Dicicco, I’m in your walls! -Some of your students


Mrs. Welenc, You deserve chocolate for dealing with us <3


Mrs. Lunney, We all love you!! (platonically)


Sormad, Happy Valentines day. Love, your teachers


Nate, Happy Valentines day. Love, your teachers


Mason, Happy Valentines day. Love, your teachers


Frank, Happy Valentines day. Love, your teachers


Nia, Happy Valentines day. Love, your teachers


Jessica, Happy Valentines day. Love, your teachers


Sophia Isijola, I love you kinda <3 -Jakena McQueen


Nico Vorkunova, Bro <3 -Liv


Dev Palmer, Dude <3 -Liv


Miranda Burg, Are you from McDonald’s cause I’m loving it. -Secret Lover


Brooke Floyd, Happy Valentines Day 🙂 -Avery Boorse


Alivia Cooper, Happy Valentines -Your favorite, Brooke Floyd


Emily Daniels, Happy Valentines -Your mom

Alivia Cooper, Happy Valentines day 🙂 -Avery Boorse


Danelys Lucas-Berenguer, Happy Valentines day 🙂 luv u <3 -Avery Boorse


Alexis Mitchell, Hey shawty love you bestie -Kiera Hilbert


Avery Boorse, Happy Valentines! -Brooke Floyd


Emily Wowk, Happy Valentines lab partner!! -Brooke Floyd


Rose McShane, Thank you for the monster, yours truly, Sage


Shane West, You’re really annoying in math. But you’re also cute. 


Sage Mejia, You make me very angry sometimes but you’re chill so its okay -Monster Dealer


Ryann Davis, You are so sexy I love you. Marry me, Matt won’t care <3 -Haley Kelley


Mr. Greenberg, You deserve chocolate for dealing with us -FHF Students


Andrew Johnson, Leave your bf for me


Lyndsay Metts, girl you need to go on sabbatical after this issue -Julz


Orphie, hope you have a great Valentines day bro <3 you’ve earned it -Julz


Allie McShane, In all seriousness, thanks for putting up with my nonsense. You’re an amazing friend 🙂 -Rose McShane


Nath Hoff, yaass happy valentines day bestie -Julz


Julia Dreyer, SCP-Amy thanks you for your service -Orphie


Delaney, Happy V Day <3 -Autumn


Autumn G, Dude, Love you! -Delaney D


Travis, Love you! 


Marcello, Love you!


Sofia Jordao, Love ya! You owe me one too. Hope you have a great day! -Anonymous 


Owen Webb, I guess you could say Valentine’s day is… among us -Julz


Emily Smeder, Happy Valentine’s day! I am the best one -Brooke


Dear Alex Higman, I like the spiderman hoodies, give me yours please -Sage


Dear Ana Higman, where’s Elsa -Sage


Kai Vendetti, you better maintain your sleep schedule -Julz


Riya Mathur, you’re not good at laser tag no offense 🙂 -Shrek


Miriam Cakir, Live, Laugh, Love <3 -Mackenzie


Abby Mejia, Hi (devil emoji) glamrock freddy am I right! -Alex


Brooke, “Do you have a library card?” Cause I’m checking u out 🙂 -Anonymous


Mr. Vogal, Hydrogen and Oxygen went on a date, I heard they really bonded -1st Period


Mackenzie, “Did it hurt when you fell from a vending machine- cause you’re a snack 🙂 


Faith, Are you a 15° angle? Cause you’re acute


Andrew Kim, I don’t know what to say but I’ve got to spend money to support this newspaper. You’re a good friend though. <3 -Sofia Jordao


Emily Myers, you’re in your Red era and I’m living 4 it -Lyndsay


Gaby Labora, my favorite Eula main- You are so cool. So slay -Lyndsay <3


Julianna Musser, pls don’t bite me -Lyndsay


Alexis Mitchell, love you bestie! -Kiera Hilbert


Michael Stohr, hello Micah. I know your IP 🙂 -Chi <3


Bri Vera, it’s not Kevin but it will have to do ily!! <3 -Lyndsay


Sydney Merchiore, thanks for making history bearable -Lyndsay


Jay Gu, Meow (Drawing of cat face. Char.) -Lyndsay


Julz Dreyer, har har i am feddy fazbear -Charlotte


Kai Vendetti, you are so slay… so yass. -Charlotte


Pearl Smith, yasss slay -Lyndsay


Michael Somoygi, you’re kinda cringe but its okay ily -Lyndsay


Kim Tucker, fnaf will be real… in 2 minutes -Lyndsay


Michael Stohr, I have your IP address <3


Briana, Happy Valentines Day, so proud of you – Aunt Becky


Erin, Happy Valentines Day to someone who deserves an abundance of love! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 – Michelle


Richie Briggs, You’re cute <3 – Cailey Chin


Julia P, Ur short – Niko


Julia P, I don’t have anything to put for this one – Niko


Nico Vorkunova, Happy Valentines Day Nico! Devin Palmer


Arwen Lowry, Smiles and hugs from your favorite gym buddy. Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂 – Michael Somogyi


Megan Webb, Happy Valentine’s Day! – Bestie! <3


Lyndsay Metts, you must be The World, because my heart stops when I’m with you (I am sorry) <3 – Owen Webb


Mr. Bursk, Thank you for being a fun teacher the 1st and 2nd MP’s – Orpheus Foley


Olivia Phelan, Happy Valentines Day Liv! – Devin Palmer


Jay Gu, rawr x3 – Owen Webb


Nath Hoff, the rock you gave me was very yummy mmm crunch crunch – Owen Webb


Kai Vendetti, you have 90 seconds. – Owen Webb


Julia Dreyer, FNAF at Freddy’s will be real in approx. 2-3 business days – Owen Webb


Mrs. Marozsan, Happy Valentine’s Day Mom! Love you and thank you for all that you do <3 <3 <3 – Kylie <3


Jeremy Vaherde, <3 – Jamie


Cailey Chin, Chicken butt – Luke


Cailey Chin, Hey get outta my swamp – Rhys


Kiera Hilbert, you mah homie bro – ur mom (Savy)


Robin <3, thank u so much for letting me be myself around u, u are always so considerate + sweet I feel like a grandma I just want to pinch ur cheeks 🙂 – Cerby 


Symee Lynn, Have a good day! -Lindsay 


Kaylee Higgins, Forever looking forward to dancing to ABBA with you <3 -Lindsay 


Sarah Knight, *Insert church choir dance here* Where are youuu and I’m soo sorryyy -Lindsay 


Mr. Albarran, Best 1st period teacher ever B) -Rowan Hilbert 


Katlin J, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY <3 -Arista 






Jackson Kim, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY -Arista Fine 


Abigail, Ever since ive been with you Ive had nothing but fun. Im so happy you are my valentine and this love line is dedicated to you. I love you baby. -Ian Curet 


Aether, Hey so, I want to be your friend but I’m awkward. Hope to see you later (I’m in DND club) 🙂 -Griffon 




Stone, I love you so much! <3 -Ri guy 


Ather, Hi Ather just thought I would get you a valentines day thing. 🙂 -Carlos V. 


Talyen Brusco, Happy Valentines day. -Niko Houmas 


Michelle, My bestie I’m sorry I bought you something you can’t eat + your lactose intolerant. Love you. -Riley 


Andrew, Hey bae, you have a good valentines day, txs for helping me with all my work -Riley 


Mackenzie Biggins, Happy Valentines day! -Ur girlfriend


Mrs. Marozsan, to the most “beautified” Marozsan… Hamlet NEVER loved Ophelia! -Anonymous


Mackensie Simons, Happy Valentines! P.S you are my favorite girl scout -Brooke Floyd 


Danelys-luccas Berenguer, Happy Valentines! day <3 luv you <3 -Brooke Floyd


Alyson McGinley, Happy Valentines day, Your fav Bio Student -Brooke Floyd 


Mirian Cakir, Happy Valentines day! your fav french student -Brooke Floyd 


AP prep English/3rd period, AM AP CREW! Your intelligence and hard work is inspiring! -Luongo


 6th period Honors English 10, Y’all are definitely the best group this year, (don’t tell the others…) -Luongo


Honors English 10 1st period, My industrious morning crew! Thank you for all your hard work -Mr. Luongo


8th Period Honors English 10, My Closers! Thanks for waiting patiently before the bell… -Luongo 


Honors English 2nd Period, Lots of ENERGY early in the morning! You’re each a superstar! -Luongo 


Mr. Luongo, Thank you for teaching us about indoor jackets. -All of your Students 


Creative Writing, Your interactive stories are the best of twine! -Dicicco 


AP Prep English 10th 7th period, My AP PM Crew! Your sophistication and diligence motivate me everyday -Luongo 


Sean Drumm, Ayo you cool take some chocolate! -ur mom (savy) 


Ilana, Be very afraid mwahahahahaha also, happy valentine’s day nerd. Thank u for being a great friend <3 (/p) -Cerby


Andy, hey bud! Thank u so much for letting me use u as a pillow + for dealing with my loud self. I enjoy ur company so very much. Thanks for everything andy <3 (/p) -Cerby 


Mr Daly, Thank you for words and reading and stuff. -His students 


Kaity Stevens, We love you pit bull <3 -Valene Servellon 


Arwen, ur mom lol -Firdous 


Mr. Diccico, You’re the reason we wake up sometimes. -1st period 


Mr. Andy Szymczak, Thank you for teaching us all of the science despite your bearded face! -Favorite students 


Jeremy Valverde, <3 -Jamie 


Sarah, -Alex 


Sarah, Wassup -Alex 


Mrs. Marozsan G223, Happy Valentine’s day mom! Love you and thank you for all that you do! <3 <3 <3 -Kylie 


Dan, Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you with all my heard I hope this brightens up your day <3 <3 <3 -Brooke Z


Haley Kelley, Happy Valentine’s day to my fierce girl! So proud of you. I’m gonna miss seeing you everyday at NHS next year. Love you! -Mom


Nick Kelley, You are the best Valentine. Super sweet with the biggest heart! Love you. -Mom 


Nathaniel Shilkret, have a spendi day. Take care -Corby Yeomans 


Aaliyah Vega, Thanks for being the best cookie run friend 🙂 -Hayden Grace 


Lucien VanDermiller, Thank you for dealing with me on my darkest days. I love you have a wonderful day mi amor -Anonymous 


Baily Rinella, you + me = frog! -your secret admirer


Alex <3, Love you babe <333 -Sarah 


Madison <3, Hello my beloved Madison, happy love day. I’ll always bless your rains. I love you bbgorl. -Olivia 


Ether, Thought of you today, and every Day after <3 -anonymous


Cecelia Shire, I love you so much, you’re so amazing and cool! – Bailey L


Vincent Demaria, I love everything about you and I dream about you everyday, I just know i love you. Notice me -Anonymous 


Mia Manton, Thank you for always being there for me! Love you sm! -Bailey L


Haley McGrann, Love and appreciate you so much! 🙂 -Bailey L 


Haley Kelley, Hey wifey, I love you 🙂 <3 ur so perty <3 -Rowan Hilbert 


Gabby, 🙂 -Zaniyah 


Ashley, Happy Valentine’s Day! Love you tons <3-Michelle 


Zaniyah Thomspon, Happy Valentines day GF!<3 -Gabby Tomczak 


Olivia Giberson, Hey Sexy <3, I love you shawty. Why do you need a bf if you have me -Madison Whalen 


Liv Phelan, You slay everyday. Love you (heart eyes). -Nico 


Canon, Hey hotty, hit me up -Secret Admirer 


Liv, Love you so much my love xoxoxoxo -Kayley 


Luna Cherrington, Ecer since the day I met you, you’ve made me the most happiest I’ve ever been, you’re the best -Muhammad Salmon 


Lindsay Binder, Have a good day! -Symee 


Kiana Rodriguez, My makeup for not getting you a gift last year. -Kiana 


Hayley Kelley, Better than your BF<3 Happy Valentines Day Boo -Aaliyah Cnavarria 


Alyssa Donahue, Happy Valentines Day Beautiful <3 -Aaliyah 


Maddy Bae (wilson), Love you more than Brandon. U R my Whole <3 Love bae <3 -Kayley Moore


Erin, Happy Valentine’s Day to someone who deserves an abundance of love! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 -Michelle 


Luke Murray, My time has no value unless its spent with you. Can we honestly E-date? -Anonymous


Briona, Happy Valentines day. So proud of you -Aunt Becky


Olivia Phelan, Happy Valentines Day Liv! -Devin Palmer 


Megan Webb, Happy Valentines Day! -Bestie <3 


My first period, You are forever my favorite class. -Daly 


Mrs. Greenie, you had a 50/50 shot and chose wrong! -Daly


Stripe & Kornicki, even though you deny it, you know I’m your favorite! -Daly 


Scully, since you always say I’m “out there”, does that make me Mulder? -Daly 


DiCicco, I’m gonna go stand outside. If anyone asks, I’m outstanding. -Daly 


Friends Helping Friends, I love our Wednesdays and making a difference. -Greenie 


Period 8, seeing you leave at the end of the day puts a smile on my face. -Greenie 


Period 5, I am “honored” to make “history” with you. -Greenie 


Period 3, It’s all about the turn; new semester, new grades, and graduation is only 4 months away. -Greenie 


Period 2,  It’s all about the turn; new semester, new grades, and graduation is only 4 months away. -Greenie 


Period 1, Coffee, bagels, and seeing your mugshots are a great way to start the day. -Greenie 


Daly, We are jealous of your Blossoming Bromance with Greenberg. -Your admiring 4th period


Mrs. Krieger, I think you must have 11 protons ‘cause you are sodium fine. -Mr. Krieger


Mrs. Krieger, Beautiful women make me stutter. Wh-wh-what are you d-doing later? -Mr. Krieger 


Mrs. Krieger, Mmmm….. Your face…. I like that jawn -Mr. Krieger 


Mrs. Krieger, You are always the “nothing” when people ask me what I am thinking about. -Mr. Krieger 


Mrs. Krieger, I love that outfit, but you know what you would look beautiful in? My arms. -Mr. Krieger 


Mrs. Krieger, Listen, Everyone knows you could do better but we are quarantined in the same house. Your options are kinda limited. -Mr. Krieger 


Mrs. Krieger, Our marriage is like nachos. You are super hot, I am really cheesy, and we are sooo good together -Mr. Krieger 


Mrs. Krieger, Is your mother a Baker? ‘Cause you are a real cutie pie! -Mr. Krieger


Mrs. Krieger, Oops, I think you have some cute on your face…. Let me get that for you… (gentle kiss) -Mr. Kreiger 


Julian Galloway, I like your sweatshirt. Give it to me;) now- Anonymous


Michael Simogyi, from your gym buddy- Arwen Lowry


Firduous, epic games- ur mom


Camryn Fell, Happy Valentine’s day! Cheddar says hi and we both love you!- Danny Powell


Sra. Guerrero, Feliz Dia de San Valentino- Maksim Lohhmatov


Julianna SIlvano, Tell Jack to be scared. I am gonna steal you from him. XOXO-Anonymous


Woodolf Moise, Hello!- Anonymous


Kai Vendetti, Horror Hubby, sorry that I made you cheat on Landon with me- Orphie


Mr. Bursk, Thank you for being a fun teacher the 1st and 2nd MP’s- Orpheus Foley


Luke Sherry, U r great <3- Gianna Allen


Valerie Servellon, Harry Styles in a coffee shop. -Anonymous 


Grace Anderson, From the hottest ginger 🙂 -Anonymous 


Grace Jacoby, Happy Valentine’s day, cheese! -Anonymous 


Alaina Kass, Thank you for being amazing Lainey!!! -Anonymous


Will Irving, To single ladies girlboss and main character of the group -Anonymous 


Gabriellla Capaldi, Thanks for sharing a brain cell with me!! I love being twin with a leo -Anonymous 


Brennan, I solo five. But I guess you’re good at square dancing. Ginger telepathy. -Anonymous


Alyssa Loudon, From ground ginger -Anonymous


Cyl Vera, Pretend this is from glam rock freddy. -Anonymous 


Jack wallover, Cookies for money. Don’t be a capitalist. -Anonymous 


Romeo Angelini, For my yassified cat loving partner in crime! -Anonymous 


Nico, Sincerely your favorite ginger freshie :’) whom is an avid Nico fanatic -Anonymous 


Katie Stevens, I still have to write a book about you and Fred Weasley. -Anonymous


Maysie Thomson, To a beautiful girl who makes me smile every single day! I will love you forever! Xoxo <3 -Your secret admirer 


Luongo, Best English teachers at Neshaminy! Roll out! -Lunney 


Mr. Christopher Dicicco, My beard gets more love than you ever will -A man with a better beard than you