A snowy winter write off

Julianna Musser

The Neshaminy Highschool Literary Magazine Club, also known as Howler, put on a very successful write-off competition on Thursday, January 2. The event was run by Coeditors in Chief, Aishani Komath, Julianna Musser, along with Julia Dreyer, the submissions editor, and Mia Manton, the fiction editor. Many amazing pieces were brought to the table, and everyone came with their A-game.

The participants had 25 minutes to write a story based on a winter-themed prompt that was given to them immediately before the timer started. They had to use their creative abilities to come up with an entertaining short story within the time limit, to then be judged by the four people in charge of the event.

Chick-Fil-A and other snacks were there for the participants to enjoy during the event along with live entertainment including story readings, music, and more.

Once the students were done writing, all of the judges got together to deliberate on which pieces had the best writing and fit the prompt the most. After coming to a decision, they announced the information to all of the contestants. The winner was Jay Jay Ortiz along with runner ups Lyndsay Metts and Gabrielly Silva.