Gym Night is back!

Gracie Hutchison

Gym Night is officially back! Neshaminy students are filled with excitement upon principal Ryan Staub’s announcement of the returning Gym Night this past month. Gym night is a night filled with organized dancing, activities, and fun where the school is split into two teams, Red vs. Blue, which compete to win. 

There are opportunities for involvement for all! Participate in this amazing, extravagant event by being a part of the dancing, obstacle courses, and races.  If art is more your style, collaborate with others and create a mural for your team. You can also make costumes and decorations. Whether Team Red or Team Blue, this tradition is a great way to have fun and make friends. If you’re the music captain you can decide on music for your team. 

Captains create their teams’ dances and go to meetings. Teams win points for spirit, decoration, behavior, and their overall dance. Students find sponsors to help pay for decorations and costumes.  Find your partner now and make sure to vote for your team’s captain!