Environmental club tackling the Emerald Ash Borer

Photo credit to Andrew Kim

Photo credit to Andrew Kim

Brianna Vera


The Environmental Club, run by Neshaminy’s own Mr. Murray, has planted around 115 trees in the wooded area at the back of  Neshaminy High School – throughout the span of three Saturdays in October. 

The tree planting holds a significant cause, as there is currently an epidemic with the loss of trees caused by the bug called the Emerald Ash Borers which has targeted a large portion of our area. 

“Millions of ash trees got killed by a bug we inadvertently imported called the Emerald Ash Borer,” Murray explains. 

Pennsylvania is not the only state affected, as millions of trees spanned across multiple states have lost a large portion of ash trees.

“We lost hundreds of millions of trees, out in the east coast into the midwest out by Michigan,” Murray informed The Playickian. 

For Neshaminy, approximately 12% of Idlewood (the wooded area around Neshaminy, around 120 acres) has lost its ash trees. 

“Most of the dead trees you are seeing right now, are ash trees,” Murray elaborated. 

The work doesn’t stop this year. 

“This project runs until the end of 2022 into the spring of 2023 actually, we’re hoping to plant around 500 to 600 trees,” Murray said. 


Anyone can go and volunteer for the tree planting project, to help the community and revive our Idlewood area.