Last-Minute Halloween Costumes


Tatiana Bazadough

Did someone forget to buy a costume and now has to scrape something together at the last minute? Some Halloween costume ideas are listed below for those having a Halloween costume dilemma. These items might just be found in your closet… or your siblings:

The items needed to become a cowgirl:

  • Those flared jeans that are back in style 
  • Cowboy/Cowgirl hat
  • Brown boots
  • White crop top or tank top
  • Want to go over the top?! Put glitter or highlight on the collar bone and your cheeks

 Items needed to be a devil:

  • Black leggings that every single girl at Neshaminy owns 
  • Red tank top or shirt
  • A devil’s horn headband
  • Red lipstick
  • Black/Red shoes

Items needed to be a ghost:

  • A white sheet… clean is always preferred 
  • Want to be a cool ghost who can apparently thrive in the sunlight? Just add sunglasses

Items needed to be a princess/queen:

  • Your fanciest dress
  • Those heels you wore once to prom and now sit at the back of your closet 
  • A crown/tiara
  • Maybe even some silk gloves from those tea parties you used to have as a kid 

Items needed to be a photographer:

  • Any outfit of your desire
  • A camera… that’s it 

Items needed to be a Teletubby

  • A colorful onesie
  • Maybe even some glitter on the face

Items needed to be a teacher

  • A turtle neck
  • A cardigan that those English teachers love to rock 
  • Jeans
  • Boots
  • Glasses

Items needed to be a nerd

  • Glasses
  • Flannels
  • Shorts
  • Stockings
  • Flats
  • Suspenders
  • Maybe even fake freckles across the face

And there you have it! There are some fun and inexpensive Halloween costumes that people can find around the house and can even scrap at the last minute. Some of these costumes can look goofy, but as long as people have fun and enjoy the Halloween holiday, that’s all that matters. Happy Halloween, and try not to get scared! BOO!