Out with the old, in with the new


Emily Myers and Aishani Komath

The Neshaminy High School library has had some major renovations recently, and a lot of students have been wondering what these changes are, why they were done, and how they will affect their lives. 

To be frank, the school library has looked the same for years and it was time for an upgrade. The biggest changes were in regards to convenience for students and the overall environment of the place. There’s a whole new furniture layout now, including the relocation of the library staff to the side of the library instead of in the center, like they were before. The goal of this change was to make the library more student-focused.

These renovations affect everyone because it makes the library feel more inviting and friendly. Ms. Diggans, head librarian at Neshaminy High School, provided her insight on the topic. She believes that people can appreciate the library more now because it looks and feels cleaner. 

“People [can] feel a pride in the library,” Diggans said. “I’m excited that we have something new and fresh for kids to experience.”

However, there are still more changes to come. One big thing we can expect to see soon is a lot more technology being brought into the library, making it a true media center. 

Another great benefit to this new library is that it aims to involve the whole school. For example, the letters that are above each section of the library, labeling the genres, are being painted by the art club. The new and improved library is a major help to Neshaminy High students and it excites the librarians to see their creation being a commodity to students.

“It should be a place where everyone can come and enjoy it,” Diggans says.