Destructive Tiktok challenge comes to Neshaminy


Lindsay Binder

The “Devious Licks” TikTok trend is affecting schools around the country. This does not exclude the Neshaminy community, but has it gone way too far?

The trend started when a student from Wake County, North Carolina posted a video of them stealing disposable masks that the school provides for their students. What started as most likely an anti-mask statement has spiraled into kids all over stealing things from their schools. This includes, but is not limited to: soap dispensers, cafeteria tables, and even a chunk of a toilet (as seen at Harry Truman High School).

“Yeah, they were funny at first.” Kai Vendetti, a junior at Neshaminy High School began. “But after a while, I just kinda realized that the people were doing it to be jerks and were just trying to cause unnecessary issues.”

When asking around, students were not the only ones severely impacted and frustrated. Hall aids around the school are now working four times as hard to keep vandalism out of the school. 

“It’s ridiculous,”  said an anonymous source working at the school told the Playwickian. “It’s pitiful. At the end of the day, it’s federal vandalism and will get you thrown out of here (Neshaminy High School). And will get your parents fined. Which comes out of your allowance,” they joked. 

Many kids are starting to see the adverse effects of the challenge. Because of the vandalism in the bathrooms, the school has placed security outside of each of the men’s bathrooms and hall aids outside of the women’s bathrooms, where students are only allowed in one at a time and security performs a quick scan to assess any damage that may have occurred in the meantime.

 This has led to long lines forming to enter the bathrooms which as a result has teachers altering their bathroom policies. 

“I’ve had to make it that kids check in with me before they go,” recalled Sean Daly, a Neshaminy High School English teacher. “And I have kids who are gone for five to ten minutes who would normally come back in three because of the lines.” 

The effects of this trend have left many teachers frustrated as well. Their class times are already being cut short because of the bus shortage and now students are missing even more valuable instruction time. Not only that but the janitorial staff is cleaning up unspeakable things.

“The way I always think about it is that I’m annoyed that my class time has changed. But that someone has to clean this stuff up. That’s my big thing. Men and women have to go clean this stuff up. They’re making someone’s job a lot worse than it needs to be,” Daly said.

After a couple of weeks of calm, a monthly calendar has recently come out with continued Licktok challenges. This month, the challenge is to slap a teacher’s behind. In November, it’s to nonconsensually kiss your best friend’s girlfriend. In December, the challenge is to indecently expose yourself in the hallways. In January, it’s to nonconsensually grab another female student’s breast. As of right now, there are no safety precautions in place for students nor teachers.

Exescript from an email sent out to Neshaminy’s parents. 

“I’m not usually a target of sexual harassment,” Vendetti began. “But I’m worried about my more feminine presenting friends. Seeing these things happen makes me feel like I don’t want to come to school anymore.”