All about senior prom 2021


Julia Barth, Campus life editor

Neshaminy seniors have faced the struggles of Covid-19 in every aspect of their lives, especially in school. Missing out on a quarter of their junior year and practically all of their senior year, students are no doubly feeling upset and like they missed out. 

Students in other grades kind of lost hope; many freshman and sophomores realized they probably weren’t getting their beloved gym night, and juniors kind of let go of their hope of a junior prom. Seniors however still tried to hold on to something, as missing out on some junior year events and a majority of senior year, they were hoping for at least a prom. Anything to make these seniors feel like they lived their high school years to the fullest.

A topic on everyone’s mind was prom. Last year the school came out and canceled prom and formal after Covid-19 began to hit hard. This year, however, the school didn’t put out any statements about gym night nor prom until just a few weeks ago. Neshaminy announced that the seniors attending prom would have a prom parade beginning at Maple Point Middle School leading them to the High School where the actual events will take place. Then, there is a 4 part prom plan set up, including dinner from food trucks at the school, a comedic hypnotist show, the band “Split Decision” will be performing, and then to end off the night there will be a laser light show.

The senior class officers worked tirelessly with the school administration to plan this prom so seniors could have at least something. Senior class Vice President Maggie Wiley mentioned how much planning was involved in the prom: “A lot of work was put into making this prom come together. There were many meetings with administration, phone calls with vendors, and so much more. The Covid-19 restrictions really made it tough to try and plan this prom.”  Senior Emme Oliver said, “I’m very happy with the officers and the administration. I think they’ve done a tremendous job at creating a fun and memorable event for everyone, I just wish we were allowed to bring outside dates.” Many kids feel as if something is better than nothing and are looking forward to spending as much time doing events with their friends as they can before they leave. 

Others are pointing out how this prom isn’t traditional and are considering not going due to many different reasons. Some say that it is upsetting to not have a traditional prom, and many were upset over only Neshaminy 12th graders allowed rule. Oliver stated that she “…doesn’t feel comfortable wearing her formal dress on the field, I’m not able to bring my boyfriend because he’s a junior, and I don’t want to spend extra money when I am trying to save up for other expenses due to me leaving for college soon.” Wiley recognizes some students’ unhappiness and sadness however she is still hopeful and knows prom will be a fun time: “Though it may not be what they [the seniors] wished to have as their senior prom, I see the night as being one that is fun for everyone.

Students are also considering doing something with just a small group of friends to celebrate their senior year. 

All in all, everyone is aware that Covid-19 is continuing to take over normal events that people look forward to, and senior prom isn’t anything different. Although many students are upset over the non-traditional prom, many are hopeful and happy to spend time with their friends. However seniors celebrate, whether it is the school prom or a little get-together with friends, they deserve to be rewarded for their hard work especially during the pandemic.