‘It Can Wait’ Competition


“It Can Wait”

By Jocelyn Stevenson

I wanted to have a family, meet my soulmate and get married, watch my daughter walk down the aisle, watch my son graduate. But, you killed me. It was my 4th birthday and also my last. My mommy was traumatized as she was trying to pull my unconscious little body out of my car seat. Why did this happen? How could someone be so selfish? You could’ve waited a little longer. Now I’ll never get to get to graduate and make my parents proud. I’ll never have a family of my own. Why did you have to kill me? Now my mommy and daddy have to live with the fact that their baby girl is gone and she’s not coming back. Why didn’t you wait?

I’m sorry. I thought that if I only looked away for a second, nothing would’ve happened. I would’ve never expected something like this. I can’t imagine how your parents must feel or how any of your family feels. I never would have looked down to respond if I knew it would take you away forever.

You should’ve known. We were on our way to my surprise birthday party. All the guests sat there waiting for almost an hour, and I never showed up. My mommy tried to blame herself for your stupid actions. How did you not think about what you were doing? Why would you try to tell the police that it wasn’t your fault? My daddy can’t walk now. My mommy’s beautiful face is now covered in scars, and she looks so much different now.

I’m sorry, I should’ve waited.

Texting and driving is a serious problem. Many accidents that happen are due to a distracted driver that is distracted by their phones. So wait. If you don’t wait, you could be taking someone’s baby away too.




“It Can Wait”

By Madison Groves


The sirens in the distance grow closer as my blinking slows

I can see the red and blue lights coming closer

I try to turn my neck to look, but nothing happens

I can’t move my body, only feel the thumping pain

I can see the paramedics coming closer

I faintly hear them calling out to me and each other

But the pain is too unbearable to focus on anything else

My mind is racing, thinking this is it; this is how I go

But I’ll never get to tell him how I really feel

Never get to go to the beach again with my best friend

Never get to tell my loved ones I love them one last time

I’ll never get to finish high school

I had such big dreams and plans

I should have put the phone down

Reality hits me when the paramedics called out to me again

I don’t even notice the tears running down my face

They’re telling me to keep my eyes open, but I can’t; the pain is too much

Then it goes black

The last thing on my mind- regret

It could have waited


3,142 families lost a loved one due to texting and driving

3,142 families have to grieve everyday thinking of what they could have done

What they should have done

They blame themselves for not stopping the drivers from going on their phone

They cry over the event every day; their lives are changed forever

Don’t make it 3,143

Take the pledge

It can wait