Student of the week: Robbie Seewagen: A Stand Out On and Off the Field

Emme Oliver, Editor-In-Chief

Robbie Seewagan isn’t letting the setbacks of the year reduce his passion for hockey, who’s team is crushing this year even in the midst of the pandemic. “I think the reason we’ve been doing so good is just because even through the pandemic stuff, we’ve remained super close and just want to play and win for each other” Robbie says. As one of the team captains, Robbie is responsible for keeping morale high and reminding everyone that teamwork is a necessity in these trying times. Varsity Ice Hockey is currently on a winning streak defeating, Council Rock south, North Penn, and our fircest vival Pennsbury

Over his hockey playing career at Neshaminy, Robbie’s had tons of support from friends and family  that’s only encouraged him to push through hard times. “Tomas, Trev, Matt Duke, Matty B are some of my closet buddies. But going to school and playing hockey with my brother has definitely been really cool too. He’s my best friend. I also wanna shout out Mr Calderbank too because he was far and away my favorite teacher and I know we’ll still be close after I graduate” Robbie says. He also wants to thank his dad for allowing his success to only grow “Not only does he pour all his money into my dream, but i’ve never met anyone who puts so much blood and sweat into everything he does so we can all be happy. he’s the hardest working guy i’ve ever met and I probably wouldn’t even be half as successful without him”. Robbie never forgets his humility and strives to work towards every victory. The team’s close knit relationship is only exemplified by their unprecedented season, showing neshaminy pride and spirit in such a dark year. 

As a senior, Robbie is up against some tough choices that lie in wake but he is certain that his hockey playing days will only continue, “After Nesh I’m going to play at least one year of junior hockey, which is essentially just higher level hockey before you go to college. You play juniors to ready yourself for the speed of college hockey. After that I’ll play college hockey somewhere and major in film”. 

The Neshaminy community is grateful for Robbie and varsity Hockey’s hard work to prove that the possibilities for success are endless even in times of disparity.