Student of the week: Rachel Lamb

Emme Oliver, Editor-in-Chief

Rachel Lamb is driven, dedicated, and crushing her senior year at Neshaminy High School despite the clear setbacks that have affected numerous students.

“I grew a lot as a person,” Lamb says, reflecting on this past year. “Especially with everything going on political wise I really feel like I’ve educated myself a lot”.

Lamb actively participates in the political community. Unafraid of the hostility and judgment so many have faced due to the growing divide between parties, she gets right to the facts on her Snapchat story. In between pictures of Lamb and her friends, you can find plenty of political commentaries aside articles and statistics. Inspired by activism and the opportunity to grow, Lamb has decided to attend Millersville University next year.

“I’m still undecided on my major but I’m leaning towards political science,” Lamb explained. 

Lamb has been working hard on this path of success for a long time. She joined student council in middle school and now remains in student council as well as interact club. She’s also involved with cross country, spring track, and participated in this year’s Powderpuff game. Lamb has enjoyed her four years growing and learning at Neshaminy, building memories with students and teachers alike. 

“I actually met my best friend Emily Riley in middle school, but we only became closer once we got here, we were in so many classes together,” Lamb said. 

Lamb is all too familiar with feeling a lack of motivation this year but she doesn’t let that stop her from rising above the negativity. Lamb takes time to stabilize her mood and keep an eye on her mental health. 

“I try to eat mostly vegan and I also love bullet journaling which is like creating your own planner…I have a whole collection of gel pens,” Lamb divulged. 

Even after the trials and tribulations of this year, lamb has kept her spirits alive by taking an active role in the Neshaminy community and expanding her limits to learn even more about herself and others. She encourages students coming to Neshaminy next year to recognize that the sky’s the limit. 

“People have this mindset about high school, either you love it or hate it, and I feel like that isolates a lot of people. Just give it a chance, and try as many things that interest you as you can,” Lamb added.