Valentine’s day date ideas during Covid-19/single times


Tatiana Bazadough

The romantic season is coming up where people are exhilarated to go spend time with their loved ones. Due to Covid-19, there have been difficulties with spending time with loved ones as in family, friends, or their significant other. Some people cannot spend time with their loved ones during this pandemic.

Some activities to do in the season of Valentine’s day are to zoom with their loved ones, make heart-shaped cookies with family, watch Valentine’s Day movies, or even just watch television while eating a box of chocolates.

Freshman student, Jaecy Clark said, “On Valentine’s day I usually sit in my room eating all of the chocolate my mom gave me.”

Emily Simpson, another fellow freshman at Neshaminy High School, enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

“On Valentine’s day, I like to just hang out with friends, spend time with my family, and play board games,” Simpson said.

Carley Diemidio, another freshman, likes to give her friends treats, gifts, and she would also hang out with friends and family.

“On Valentine’s day I normally just make little treats for my friends and hang out with my family.”

Some other examples of Valentine’s day activities could be if someone is in a relationship with their significant other and they like to go ice skating, then they can go to Grundy Ice Arena, or go roller skating at Philly Skat Plex, but remember to stay six feet away with a mask though. If they don’t like any of those activities then go stargazing, or go to a park nearby and have a nice picnic, but watch out it gets pretty chilly outside so they might need a coat.