The future of Neshaminy events

The future of Neshaminy events

Emme Oliver and Julia Barth

Closures due to Covid-19 struck Bucks County on March 13th 2020-smack dab in the middle of an eventful season for Neshaminy High School. With Gym Night just finishing and prom on the way, along with the JCT and spring sports seasons, students were wondering how these events would play out. Now in 2021, students are still left wondering.

“Powderpuff was really fun. I put my all into it because I kinda knew we weren’t gonna have gym night,” student Nicole Purtell said.

The powderpuff game proved to be successful back in December with mask-wearing while playing and more cleaning procedures being put into place. No event, however, really measures up to Neshaminy’s Gym Night. A decades-old tradition that for the first time in years may not be happening.

So what events can students look forward to? Seasonal sports seem to be going strong with both boys and girls basketball, bowling, swimming and diving, and wrestling all taking place, of course with added restrictions including wearing masks while playing. Obviously, this season can’t be as normal as usual, however, the restrictions are allowing a season nonetheless, and many athletes are relieved to be able to play at all.

There are no in-person spectators, but Neshaminy has added a live stream option for fans which seems to be a hit. Also, another popular event, Mini-THON 2020, is happening Friday, February 26th from 3:30-5:30 pm on zoom. This year’s Mini-THON will be a virtual event, however, Executive Committee Member and current junior Hannah Murray says that “This year we are hoping to preserve our fan-favorite events that students would participate in during a typical Mini-THON like ‘Run to the mic’ and the classic line dance.”

This year’s Mini-THON executive board is working on creating new events to make the virtual event as best it can be. 

“Although hosting our event virtually is not ideal, we are extremely lucky and grateful to have the opportunity to run Mini-THON this year,” Hannah said.

With everything this year, the Mini-THON board understands that it is going to be hard to top last year’s record-high fundraising, especially considering they couldn’t do any events to fundraise before the actual night of Mini-THON, however, they remain hopeful and know that everything counts. Even though Mini-THON isn’t normal, like everything else, it is still a great and fun way to get involved in an event for a good cause!

Any student can participate in Mini-THON and you can email [email protected] with any questions. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity still available in times like these! 

It is rumored that Gym Night could take place in the spring with an outdoor performance. Mask wearing and distance would most likely be implemented which leaves students to question how partner dances will work or if there will be partners at all. Nothing is currently definitive.

The future of events is ultimately up to CDC guidelines as well as the number of students who are able to be vaccinated. Unfortunately, it’s estimated not many students will receive the vaccine because of the recommended age groups. All the Neshaminy community can hope for is a speedy recovery with the help from the vaccine and hopefully, Gym Night and other beloved activities will return next school year.