The effect of Covid-19 on local businesses

Now into the New Year


Alyssa Rokhvarg

Due to Covid-19 causing fear for everyone’s health, many businesses will be affected differently this coming year. Whether it is the local store owned by a family or a small diner on Street Road, change is occurring.        

In the surrounding townships, there are hundreds of small, independent businesses that are not only fighting off the global pandemic but have to adapt to the effects it has on their operation. Reports show statistics of a 13 percent increase in online shopping since Covid-19 began, from getting groceries delivered for dinner to just buying a cute outfit no one can see you in. 

The amount of Covid-19 cases is starting to increase more rapidly with almost half a million cases in Pennsylvania alone. This raises the question, “How will small businesses survive this?” The necessity of the business will determine if they thrive or barely survive. 

Irina Fotiadias, a local business owner of a prescription glasses store called Avon Optical, mentioned how her sales have gone up, both in-store and online. Glasses are a necessity for many people so they can safely drive, walk, and live their everyday lives. 

Other local businesses, like the diner Metro Diner on Street Road, have a decrease in the number of customers dining in, the manager said in a quick interview. Even though they allow for people to come inside and eat a good meal as well as make deliveries and pick up curbside, not everyone is comfortable with sitting in such a tight environment with others.  

Adaptation to this global pandemic is a key to success. For example, if your business is a fancy restaurant or even a fast food place, establishing simple changes like offering delivery, pick-up, or even outside seating allows for people to continue spending money on your shop. 

It is completely understandable for people to crave their favorite foods during quarantine. This is why offering delivery will allow many struggling restaurants to compete on an even playing field with other local businesses and have a chance to survive this global pandemic.