HOCO Turnout, Dress Trends, and More


drawing of Homecoming Dresses by Gabi Ellis

Darby Brant and Anna Lewis, Staff Writers

Neshaminy High School’s Homecoming Dance was held on Saturday,October 5th following up a successful win against William Tennet’s football team 34-14.

Friday night, October 4th,Neshaminy ran out onto their home field known as Heartbreak Ridge, to face their opponent- William Tennet. The stadium was filled with both parents and students that crowded the bleachers,which was expected nonetheless for Neshaminy’s homecoming football game. The excitement from the team’s win did not end there as the next night the school was hosting their annual Homecoming dance. Held in Gym Three, the homecoming dance took place including all grades 9 through 12. The Student council played a huge role in organizing the event, and expectations were high for both the dance and student’s attending it.

When interviewed student council member, Maggie Wiley, provided a glimpse on what happened behind the scenes of homecoming, and the turn out.“This year’s homecoming dance had a lot more people in the previous year. Last year it only had around 800 tickets sold whereas this year the dance had 1054 people that brought tickets.”

The ticket’s sales reflect perfectly how this year’s homecoming dance was increasingly popular compared to ones in the past, since not only were over 200 tickets more were sold this year, but considering two years ago homecoming was canceled from a lack of tickets being bought.

The preparation for the dance was not all easy, as Maggie explained one of the hardest parts was obtaining the ticket money from all of the students in attendance, which was before the end of the day around a week prior.

However, preparation was not only done by the student council, but the students themselves when deciding what to wear, what color, and what matches with what.

Overall, there was a wide variety of style trends in what attire was worn to the dance between darker toned colors and different length dresses.

The fashion trends at the dance were definitely clear with the dresses this year; dark colors. Many dresses were plain colors along with simple designs, rather than bright, bold colors. Many people purchased simple dresses from stores such as JCPenney and Macy’s.

This leads to the question, why were darker tones more of a trend?

Gianna Coyne, is a junior who attended the dance in a form fitting dark dress. “I liked how form fitting it was and the accents of the bling around my waist and neck” she explained. Others chose the dress for the look itself. Darby Brant, another junior described, “I chose my dress because of all the sparkles and glitter, since I like the way that looks on dresses.” Both of their dresses were darker colored.

Many dresses were also more plain and simple, which is what made Gianna chose her dress. However, others such as Darby, went for the opposite! She explains “I didn’t want something super simple, because I like more blingy types of dresses. We also don’t get to dress up very much so if there’s an opportunity to I won’t stick to simple.”

One thing is clear, no matter what was worn, people chose their dress because they felt confident in it. Homecoming was definitely a way for everyone to express themselves through fashion, and it’s an essential part of what makes it so fun. All of the time and effort put into the dance seemed to pay off, as many students recall the night as a great time to dance and have fun with their friends, while having the opportunity of expressing themselves through what they wear.