Trump Administration Pursues Transgender Military Ban

Trump Administration Pursues Transgender Military Ban

Gabi Ellis, Features Editor

Trump’s reasoning behind the ban was that the military cannot be, “burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.” Whether or not this is the true reasoning behind the administration’s decision and not that of transphobia, the fear, frustration, and anger the decision has installed in the transgender community cannot be ignored. An anonymous transgender Neshaminy High School student states, “the military ban makes me feel as if I don’t exist in this country, and that my rights aren’t protected just because my gender doesn’t match the one I was born with.” This seems to be a common feeling among those all over the country, with trans activists and allies rising up to combat the transphobia the ban entails. Raquel Willis, American writer and transgender rights activist, tweeted, “ No one can deny how this  — once again — signals to others that its OK to discriminate against trans folks.”


As of last year, there were almost 9,000 openly transgender individuals serving in the military, whom now face repercussions because of their service. The argument is whether this ban is out of a necessity for safety, or if it is inherently disrespectful to the trans community, especially those who strive to serve and protect the rights of their nation, which the ban seems to contradict. It has been a common argument to dehumanize transgender people and as implied before, the ban only strengthens that belief of dehumanization for individuals who may not be educated on the subject.


The ban mirrors other issues the trans community has faced, such as bathroom controversy, medical care issues, and social acceptance. Anon states, “This feels like a giant step back because when you’re trans, most of the time all you want to be is a ‘normal’ human being. We aren’t doing this to be trans, we are changing ourselves to be more comfortable and to live the life we want to.”


The ban’s much larger effect on the community isn’t the ban itself, but is what serves as the small step of reasoning it gives already transphobic people to discriminate and disrespect the trans community. In the times of this ban, the community asks for recognition and support in hopes that the ban can get reversed, and steps towards social growth can be achieved.


“It’s all about communication and respect. We are people too — there is no need to discriminate against people just trying to make a living.” says Anon, “Cisgender people can start by listening.”