Are Less and Less Students Choosing Dual Enrollment?

Reetika Patel, Staff Writer

Neshaminy High School offers many enrollment options for seniors to ensure their last year of high school is the most memorable. Commonly known options are senior privilege, co-op, and most recently offered; dual enrollment.

The dual enrollment program is in affiliation with Bucks County Community College and runs all year round. The program allows high school seniors to get their toes wet with college courses, and the best part of it all is that it is all free. As long as the student passes their classes and return materials at the end of the semester, Neshaminy will pay for everything.

The process begins junior during course selection. The student will create a tentative senior year schedule, if for whatever reason the student can no longer be enrolled for any given reason. There is still a full schedule set as a backup. The next step is to attend an informational meeting, to get more information on the program. At the meeting the principal allows open questions, and private questions after the meeting is over. Overall, the meeting gives the student and the student’s family a feel for what is expected of the student and what to expect in general when in dual enrollment.

After filling out all of the paperwork, students will be given a date to take placement tests for the college so that everyone is placed in the correct level classes. If placement scores fall too short, bucks will ask the student to take prerequisite classes over the summer to catch up with the curriculum.

Less and less juniors are choosing dual enrollment when selecting courses for their senior year. There are a number of reasons of why some students choose the traditional route rather than dual enrollment and even senior privilege.

Some may say that they want to “savor” their last year of high school for as long as they can, so they choose to stay in school for the full eight periods of the day.

On the other hand, other students can say that they want to leave high school as soon as possible, so they choose enrollment options such as senior privilege and dual enrollment; so that they get their required time in high school, as well as time away.