Arts and Entertainment Editor says her farewells

Leanne Khov, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Cranky, curious, and confused. All these emotions were tumbling inside of me when I woke up to darkness and entered into Neshaminy High School on my first day of freshman year. Like everyone else, I entered high school with some kind of expectation and mindset. Will I ever find a place I can fit in? Am I even going to make it through these four years? Where in the world is D101? Why are these seniors so tall? All these questions were running through my head and stressing out my little freshman mind.

The tears I shed for failing people, the panic attack I have when I face a 100 point test, the eyebags formed from staying up late to study for an AP test, and the existential crisis I have about my future made highschool seem impossible. Before I knew it, I am now moving onto the next chapter of my life in a couple months and will be saying goodbye to my classmates in June.

Although it’s cheesy, I can genuinely say that I would have never made it through these past four years without the friends and the people I have met. G-202 became a place where I can go to and feel at ease. Not only was I introduced to so many people who became my dear friends and role model, but I also garnered so much intelligence and responsibility from writing for a passionate newspaper. Within G-202 are piles of archives from previous Playwickian members, teaching me about the power of words and the power of speaking out for what you believe in.

Thank you Catherine for becoming one of my closest friends, Regina for being the best co-editor and friend I can ask for, Andy for all your rants in the morning, Maggie for introducing me to lemon-flavored girl scouts cookie, Madison for making me laugh, Grace for showing me how to work InDesign, Connor for being a genius, Gabbi for your amazing drawing skills, Eliyana for your friendly personality, Namish for your stories about your aunt, and Mr. Daley for putting up with us for a whole year.

Thank you to my family and my friends, Amber, Ashly, and Julie, for dealing with my stupidity, for motivating me to be the best I can be, and for teaching me to be unique. Thank you and goodbye Neshaminy as it’s now my turn to see what I can do for my future.