McGee says his goodbyes to students

Madison Pickul, Business Editor

Doctor Robert McGee, or more commonly known as Doc by Neshaminy students and staff, has been principal of Neshaminy high school since 2009. At the end of the 2017-2018 school year, he will be stepping down as principal and taking over the position Director of Secondary Education effective on July 1, 2018.

Being the Director of Secondary Education will include hands on planning of the Neshaminy curriculum, instruction and assessment of the Neshaminy foundation. While McGee enjoys interaction with the students of Neshaminy on a day to day basis, one of the reasons for taking on this new role is he wanted to get back to the education curriculum itself.  “I’m sad [McGee] is leaving, but I am glad he is staying in the district,” comments Senor Kain

McGee is most proud of the students and how they have stepped up and acted like adults, “I’m very proud to say that mentality of let’s all get along and act like adults and we will get through everything  has been demonstrated multiple times.”

“I feel the student body may have driven him crazy,” jokes Kyle Teoh, a current junior at Neshaminy. In regards to him leaving Teoh feels “Maybe it is time. He is moving up in the Neshaminy hierarchy, so I feel good for him.”

“Bittersweet,” is the term McGee used to describe the ending of his nine year career as principal of Neshaminy high. “[Neshaminy] has become home. We have become a family.” Leaving this position didn’t come without it doubts, that McGee says he still faces everyday. Neshaminy high has been coined the “flagship of the district,” and has had only a handful of principals prior to McGee. One thing he will miss the most is the students themselves and the interactions he has with them.

“One thing I won’t miss is the drama…and having to reschedule Gym Night because of the snow” McGee hopes that has new job will bring him back to Neshaminy often so he can still have interaction with the student and staff.

As a product of the Neshaminy school district himself, McGee felt that Neshaminy did an outstanding job at taking familie who need help and may not have the best opportunities in the past, and helping them make the best of it and that Neshaminy continues to do that today.

On a more serious note McGee was willing to discuss a prominent and important neshaminy topic: the Doc Memes. “The snow day [ones] are hysterical.” They never fail to make his wife and friends laugh, some even manage to make it onto McGee’s facebook. The memes are one the positive interactions that McGee will miss.

It was announced by the Neshaminy school district that Ryan P. Staub will take over as Neshaminy high schools new principal effective July 1, 2018, a decision that McGee had no involvement in. Staub currently is serving as an Assistant principal at Pennsbury High School. Staub says he is, “thrilled to be joining the Neshaminy School Community.  I am excited to meet the students and staff. Dr. McGee has the high school in such a great place and I am going to do everything I can to keep it moving in the right direction”

“I hope he’s prepared,” is Teoh’s advice for Staub, regarding his Pennsbury connections. “I’m very curious to how this new principal will affected by the student body as Doctor McGee has [been].”

McGee plans to help Staub in anyway needed, “I get the help keep the new ship afloat while [Staub] figures out how to steer it.”

“I am very proud to have been principal here.”

Whatever life throws towards Doctor McGee the students and staff of Neshaminy wish him all the best at his new positions and hopes it is everything he hopes it to be. We are very proud to have had him as our principal for these past nine years.