Neshaminy teacher passes away

Madison Pickul, Business Editor

Mr. Alborn was a teacher in the Neshaminy school district for many years before he suddenly passed away. The Neshaminy School District issued the following statement about his death;  It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Neshaminy High School teacher Leonard Alborn, who died suddenly at his home on Saturday. Mr. Alborn had been with the district for 24 years teaching at both Neshaminy HS and the former Tawanka Learning Center. He had a Masters degree in History Education and was teaching freshman and sophomore US and Modern World History.


Alborn touched the lives of many students and staff members of Neshaminy. In honor of him, we reached out to some of his colleagues and had them share some of their fondest memories of Alborn.


I had the privilege to have Mr Alborn my freshman year at Neshaminy. Out of all my years (from k-12) in Neshaminy School District, he was my favorite teacher because he was more than that… he was my friend. Being a teacher was his job, but he cared more about bettering his students as people. Since graduating, I can now say that you could find me and Isaiah Rodriguez skipping our English class to hang out with him (sorry Mrs. Bauerle). In my senior yearbook he wrote, “To one of my all time favorite students! Best of luck in the future and remember that no matter what you can succeed. Always remember Neshaminy… Mr.A”  Len was the first and only teacher that ever made me feel like I mattered… he will be forever missed not just at Neshaminy but everyone who had the privilege to meet Mr. Leonard Alborn. ~Amanda Grace Krier, a former student of Mr. Alborn.


There are kids in this school that the whole world has given up on. Mr. Alborn never gave up on a single one. ~Mr. Krieger


Mr. Alborn got my name wrong for the entire first year I knew him. He called me Jen, when my first name is actually Steph. I corrected him a few times but he continued to call me Jen because he said I “looked like a Jen.”  After a while, I stopped correcting him and just giggled when he did it. When my department heard about this, they started calling me Jen and I have been Jen ever since! I had to laugh when his brother-in-law spoke about his inability to remember names during his eulogy at his funeral. Now when my colleagues call me Jen it is a nice reminder of Mr. Alborn!  ~Mrs. Baniewicz


Mr. Alborn was always in good spirits and I know he cared about the students. He was a friendly and caring colleague…someone you could always go to. He was just the nicest. ~Mrs. Robb


He was full of kindness, generosity, sensitivity, compassion and understanding. ~Ms. Keenan


I really admired the way Mr. Alborn could connect with the most troubled students. He had a knack for connecting with students in distress that no one else I’ve ever met could ever come close to duplicating.  ~Mr. Krieger


Mr. Alborn will be greatly missed by the Neshaminy community. May he rest in peace.