News editor bids farewell

Catherine Hillard, News Editor

It seems like just yesterday I was entering Neshaminy High School for the first time, already anxious for my turn to throw my graduation cap in the air in celebration. Now, as I stand with cap and gown in hand, I realize just how quickly these past four years have rushed by. As I reflect on my experiences here at Neshaminy High School, I remember the long hours of studying, the countless essays and homework assignments, and the constant struggle of trying to make it to school on time. I also remember excitement filling the crowded stadium during football games, the anticipation of waiting to perform on Gym Night, and the hours of preparation needed to create the perfect night at prom. While I cherish all these moments, what will resonate with me the most are not necessarily the events, but the people with whom I spent them with. The memories of starting my day with gym warm-ups, spending post Gym Night and Powderpuff practices at Chick-fil-A, and running every morning to homeroom before the bell rings are shared with some of my closest and most supportive friends, ones that I am confident will remain a part of my life way beyond my high school years. While excited for the opportunities and experiences beyond Neshaminy High School, goodbyes are always difficult, and this one more so than ever as it signifies the end of some of the most memorable years thus far. However, this is merely the beginning of a vast adventure, one that promises endless possibilities and one with my family and friends by my side. I thank each and every one of you for always being there when I needed it most; whether it was words of encouragement, a sense of support during the good times and bad times, or just making me laugh after a stressful day, you have all prepared me for this transition from high school to college. As I reflect on the past four years at Neshaminy High School, my advice to all soon to be graduates is that working hard in the classroom will pay off. While school doesn’t get any easier, the accomplishments you will achieve in the long run because of your hard work will be worth it. That being said, don’t forget to experience high school along the way—attend a football game, participate in Gym Night, go to prom, and step outside of your comfort zone to try something new. Your time in high school is limited, so make the most of every moment. To my fellow editors, you are a committed, focused and hardworking group of individuals who have become more than just a group of writers, but rather a second family to me. The relationships I have formed as a member of the Playwickian will last far beyond the four years I have been a part of this outstanding team, and I am confident in your abilities to lead the Playwickian, as your dedication and effort has played a significant role in its success thus far. I wish all of you the best of luck and cannot wait to see the remarkable things you will achieve in the future. As I part ways with Neshaminy High School, I am grateful for the role the teachers and students have played in preparing me for the challenges ahead. The friendships and memories I have made here will always be cherished as I prepare to walk the stage toward a new and unfamiliar beginning. Goodbye Neshaminy and thank you.