Look at it our way: Neshaminy needs to work to fix its broken system of protecting victims

Editorial Board

Schools are a place for learning, for safety, and for friendship. Many students depend on public schools as a safe haven from economic issues, rough home lives, and other problems that they face outside of the doors of their school. Some even depend on public schools as their only regular source of food.

Without a safe and comfortable school life, many of these kids would be lost. When school environments become unhealthy, whether by the hands of peers or instructors, many students begin to see dropping grades and worsening attendance.

To preserve the livelihoods of these students, it is imperative that public schools like Neshaminy ensure a healthy learning environment. This means listening to student complaints and hearing victims out so that they can be protected.

As can be seen in our coverage on PAGE ???, this has not been the case at Neshaminy High School as of late.

Without following nationally accepted procedures for handling student-teacher and student-student issues, Neshaminy has created an unsafe environment for victims of harassment, threats, and physical assaults. Victims feel unheard, disregarded, and in danger within their places of education and work.

The Playwickian has brought this issue to the attention of Joseph Jones, Superintendent of Neshaminy, for further action but it is our belief that more than just procedures need to be changed to fix these glaring issues within the School District. As, over the years, the current procedures within Neshaminy High School has created an air of distrust between students and administrators, this issue must be solved with the help of students.

When someone threatens you, report it. When you’re assaulted in the hallway, report it. If you’re being harassed by a teacher, report it. Do this so that new administrators under and improved system can become aware of ongoing issues, the records for which have surely been lost, and so they can solve them.

Without people speaking up, the culture here will not change.