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Senior Band Members Reminisce

Logan Grego

For the past three years: the laughs, the tears, and even the pain. Marching Band Seniors have seen it all. This year is the year they never thought would come. The last time they will ever take the field as Neshaminy Marching Band.

This year the Neshaminy High School Marching Band found themselves in third place at Cavalcade Championships in Allentown PA, on November 12, 2017. Throughout the months of September, October, and early November, the band participated in many competitions to get to Championships. The band went against many other bands in the Philadelphia area before Championships. They went against schools such as Downingtown West, Springford, Bensalem, Cherry Hill East, Council Rock South, Council Rock North, and Upper Moreland, just to name a few. The highest division in the Cavalcade is the Patriot Open Division. The Neshaminy Marching Band came in third place of all seven bands participating in the Patriot Open Division at Cavalcade.

“I felt like I could conquer the world; no matter what place we were in, what mattered was that we gave it our all and left everything we had on that field. And that is the best feeling possible,” Lauryn Powell tells me. “I felt great and an excited nervousness even though it was over, I felt accomplished that I was done” another band member, Julia Gross, recalls. Some felt upset that Marching Band was over already. “I felt excited yet sad at the same time. I knew we did our best, and that I would really miss not being in marching band next year,” Jen Eisemann says. “I was happy that all the stress was over and I would have free time but at the same time I was sad because I would miss the memories and spending time with my friends,” Sydni Dilts says.

The Seniors have worked their hardest for the past four years to get to this point. It’s hard for them to believe Marching Band is all over now. Marching Band has created such an open and caring environment, everyone in the band are like a family. So much time and effort was put into their last show, and now it’s done. Every Senior must move on and hold the memories they all have from the last show “Twisted”.   

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Senior Band Members Reminisce