Top five movies to watch this fall

Madison Pickul, Management Editor

Looking for a good movie to watch this fall? Look no further then here, from horror to family films, from classics to new releases, this list has the top five movies to watch this fall to help get you into the spooky season.

Hocus Pocus: “Hocus Pocus” is a classic Halloween movie that follows three teenagers in Salem, Massachusetts. When they light the black candle of death, they accidentally bring three of the Salem witches back to life on Halloween. Now these three teens, with the help of a talking cat, must figure out a way to keep the book of spells away from the witches to prevent them from becoming immortal.

Hush: Ever feel like there is somebody watching you while you’re home alone? “Hush” is a thriller/horror movie on Netflix. It follows Maddie, a deaf author who lives a reclusive life out in the woods. She becomes trapped in her home while a masked killer stalks her from the outside. With no way to contact help, Maddie has to use her survival skills to literally defeat death at her own front door.

Halloween Town: “Halloween Town” follows a young girl, Marnie Piper, on her 13th birthday discovers that she is a witch in long line of witches, the Cromwells. Marnie sneaks off with her siblings to Halloween Town, a place where magical creatures can live their lives peacefully. She discovers that the town is in danger of being taken over by an evil warlock. It is up to Marnie and her family to band together to save the fate of Halloween Town.

13 Cameras: Netflix’s psychological thriller, “13 Cameras”, features a newlywed and expectant couple renting a house in California from a questionable man. From the 13 cameras strategically placed in the house, this man spies in on their personal lives and makes them question if someone really is watching them. This movie will make you wary of your landlord and want to double check for cameras.

Happy Death Day: Pending showing next Saturday.