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MiniTHON raises money for cancer, huge success

Leanne Khov, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Students at Neshaminy prove how working together as one and taking action can lead to lasting outcomes, especially if the lives of thousands of children are influenced. For six restless hours, students tirelessly danced and participated in various games without rest, knowing a bigger impact would come out of it. Neshaminy’s second annual Mini-THON, held May 6,   showed the compassion, motivation, and determination of the Neshaminy student body to spread awareness about pediatric cancer.

Along with the 135 students at Neshaminy, more than 70,000 student volunteers and approximately 300 schools in eight states participated in the interactive event according to Four Diamonds, an organization that inspires young adults to fight against pediatric cancer. Throughout the school year, Neshaminy students gave their time and effort to raise $16,185.84. With the money raised by students through different means, students at Neshaminy are able to help Four Diamonds conquer childhood cancer. The money goes to families at Penn State’s Children’s Hospital that are unable to pay for things insurance doesn’t cover as well as to research for a cure to pediatric cancer. “I think it’s amazing that students at Neshaminy are working so hard to improve the lives of children and their families,” math teacher Len Davis stated. “The support from pink-out for breast cancer in October up to Mini-THON last weekend. I believe the NHS student body truly cares about so many in need. It truly makes me proud and I brag about these kids constantly outside of school.” Organized by the Neshaminy Mini-THON executive committee, Mini-THON filled the gymnasium at Neshaminy with entertaining activities and fun-filled dance marathons. To start off the day, students learned a line dance created by the morale executive directors; the students did the line dance once every hour. Then, the students took part in a dodgeball tournament, musical spots (Mini-THON’s version of musical chairs since students are not allow to sit), steal the bacon, run to the mic (a finish the lyrics game), knockout, mat ball, parachute, and limbo.         

In addition, a staff family hour was added this year to invite staff and their kids to the event. During this hour, there were relay races and a pinata. The last hour of Mini-THON was community hour, during which the Pervis and Allen Family, two families of the Neshaminy School District who have been affected by childhood cancer, came to speak and to share their stories.

“I am so proud to have had the opportunity to advise this event,” Mini-THON adviser Kimberly Aubrey said. “The Neshaminy Mini-THON executive committee did a great job in planning and running the event (this team was lead by Elayna Curtin and Brooke Romberger). I was proud of how smoothly the event ran and that we were able to raise $16,000 for the fight against pediatric cancer! For me, the most memorable moments were when Mr. McCaughey donated his hair to make wigs for cancer patients, and also that we were able to have the Pervis Family and the Allen Family out to our event to share their stories. I think it is important that we remember why we have Mini-THON; it is a fun event meant to bring the school together, but our main goal is to help families who are dealing with this horrible disease.”

Students are not allowed to rest, sleep, or sit throughout the entirety of the event. However, many students are grateful knowing that they were able to take part in an event that will have a lasting impact on children with pediatric cancer. “The best part of Mini-THON was seeing the amazing group of students in our community willing to join together as one and fight this terrible disease,”  junior Jessa Raab stated. “It kind of hurt my feet standing for six hours straight, but in all honesty, it feels like a blessing that someone so small in the grand scheme of the world can make a lasting impact on maybe even just one person and their family. I learned about the amazing strength of the people experiencing awful situations because you could tangibly feel family’s and people like Mason’s distress and sadness, but they never gave up hope and that strength is the most remarkable thing to witness.” After a memorable and exhilarating day, Mini-THON ended with the revelation and celebration of the total money raised. Although the monetary goal of the Mini-THON’s Executive Committee was 25,000 dollars, Neshaminy was able to make a remarkable amount of  money that will assist and make a difference for those battling against pediatric cancer.  

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MiniTHON raises money for cancer, huge success