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Pennsbury High School bans promposals

Pennsbury High School moved to eliminate promposals shocking many students.

Photo/Pennsbury High School

Pennsbury High School moved to eliminate promposals shocking many students.

Conner Menzel, News Editor

After an extravagant promposal at Pennsbury High School on April 7, one in which the hallways were blocked by all the students stopping to witness it, the Pennsbury Administrators decided to ban all promposals during school hours. They believed the promposals were getting too out of hand.

Pennsbury High School has the best prom in America, according to Reader’s Digest, so it surprised many when the administrators made this decision. “Based on my limited high school student knowledge, promposals are just an engaging and completely harmless way for the majority of the student body to get excited about prom (a school event) and to create bonds while facing the final stretch of high school,” Meghan Lucas, a student at Pennsbury High School, said in an article published in the Bucks County Courier Times.

But the administrators make the argument that the promposals are increasingly disrupting class functions, and the promposal on April 7 was the last straw. Students that wanted to get to their next classes couldn’t even make their way through their hallways.

Rob McGee, principal of Neshaminy High School, brings up the idea that the Pennsbury students may not have been “acting like adults” which explains Pennsbury’s decision to ban the promposals. He also stated that problems like the Pennsbury promposal on April 7 do not often occur at Neshaminy, but when they do, it is because the “student fails to coordinate the logistics in advance, causing uncertainty to the hallways.”

According to McGee, promposals at Neshaminy are not in danger of being banned as long as “students continue to ask permission and coordinate logistics with the Neshaminy principals,” so that incidents like the promposal at Pennsbury do not happen.

Neshaminy, in addition to Pennsbury, has a long tradition of promposals that the students would like to continue. One over-the-top promposal at Neshaminy was when a student coordinated with the office to have a fire drill on a certain day, and then drove up to the school in a fire truck with a sign hanging off the side that had “Prom?” written on the side of it.

Pennsbury Administrators seemed to have justified reasons for banning them during school hours. As fun as promposals can be, they cannot interfere with school operations.

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Pennsbury High School bans promposals