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Red color captain Chad Wiatrowski shows off his team’s color.

Chad Wiatrowski

  • Is this your first time as a captain?

No, I’ve served all four years.

  • What inspired you to run for captain?

I wanted to finish it off and the last three years have been amazing.

  • How do you contribute to the process; such as choreography, moral support, etc?

It’s an equal responsibility for all captains.

  • How do you feel about your team’s performance?

I love my team; we’ve done great and it’s been a privilege to teach my specific team.

  • What performance are you most looking forward to seeing?

Blue seniors. They really stepped up to the plate last year, so I’m excited to see what they do this year.

  • What do you hope to gain out of this experience?

Unity among the team

  • What are your expectations for gym night?

Awesome, exciting, high adrenaline

  • What has the preparation to get ready for gym night been like?

It’s a full time job.

  • What is one random thing you want people to know about you?

I want to grow out my hair and beard kind of how Jesus looked.

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