Haters Back Off! renewed by Netflix


Photo via Google under Creative Commons License

Miranda Sings, a character created by Colleen Balinger, has her own show, "Haters Back Off," available on Netflix.

YouTube sensation Colleen Ballinger, better known as Miranda Sings, has just announced a season two of her new Netflix series “Haters Back Off.” The show dives into the life of Miranda Sings and her belief that she should be famous. The totally untalented star tries to work her way to fame since she believes she was born famous and no one knows it yet. “I’m really excited about season two because I really liked season one,” said Emily Kirch, a sophomore at Neshaminy High School.

When asked how people felt about the first season, many of the responses were positive; people said that they were excited for a season two. “The first season of the show was very intriguing. For each episode, I couldn’t stop watching it and let on the edge of my seat,” said Lindy Trupp, a member of Ballinger’s Twitter Fanbase.

“I’m excited to see what guest stars are on this season. Last season didn’t have many cameos, so I’m really hoping Colleen will bring on some YouTubers on this season,” said Trupp.

Returning stars to this season will be Colleen Ballinger as Miranda Sings, Erik Stocklin as Patrick, Angela Kinsey as Bethany, Steve Little as Uncle Jim, and Francesca Reale as Emily.

“I can’t wait to see how Miranda’s story affects the family’s development as the season progresses,” said Chrissy Roy. A majority of the Ballinger Fanbase agrees with this statement. “I’m really excited for season two and seeing what it will bring us. I hope it’s as good, if not better, than the first season,” said Trupp.

There is also speculation as to what the second season will be about. Many of Ballinger’s fans believe that season two will continue directly where season one ended, with Miranda’s first video going viral.

“I think season two is gonna be after her first video goes viral or her first tour and there are definitely gonna be some crazy stories from her real life,” said Savanna Maneritch, another one of Colleen Ballinger’s supporters. “I really hope season two is gonna be exactly like season one but with more inside jokes from the Twitter fandom. That would be fun.”

Even with her haters, Colleen Ballinger continues to produce and edit videos on her two YouTube channels. With the combined support of her fans, they will soon spread a message to all of her haters as they hear about her story: “Haters back off!”